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Moving Blog to WordPress


In spite of the fact that I have enjoyed blogging in these pages, I have decided that it would be better to move my weekly rant space to another website. The reasons for this have nothing to do with the quality of readership, traffic or anything like that.

I was recently informed by one of my editors in the area that I cannot contribute to two newspapers in the same market - even if it is simply a readers' blog. Since I do write for a living (sort of), I felt compelled to move the blog to a non-commercial server.

I will continue, however, to comment on the various articles that appear on this space, and I invite everyone to visit my new blog at http://ebarteldes.wordpress.com, where you can see a piece in support of the campaign to remove Lou Dobbs from his chair at CNN

See you all soon

Ernest http://ebarteldes.wordpress.com


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