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"Big Board" talk


Audio from Kansas coach [Mark Mangino's weekly press conference][1] has been posted. The biggest news from the day is the announcement that [Kendrick Harper and Dexton Fields][2] are expected to play Saturday against Iowa State. Definitely good news for the Jayhawks heading into conference play.Switching gears a little bit, I came across a cool idea the other day while checking out the ["Kansas football-It's business time"][3] blog.The writer (Hiphopopotamus, if you must know) came up with a "Big Board" for the Kansas football team. Here, he listed the Jayhawks' top 10 players on both offense and defense.Based only on player performance through the first four games, I went ahead and compiled my own Top 10 list for the KU football team. In my ranking, I combined offense and defense (and special teams).Following my list are the other "Big Board" rankings from Lawrence Journal-World staff members. I also combined everyone's lists to make one master ranking.Without further ado, here is my current KU "Big Board" :![][4]1. Todd Reesing - No argument on the top spot. The success of KU's season rests on Reesing's right arm. Because of this, an injury to Todd would be devastating for the Jayhawks. 2. Dezmon Briscoe - KU's biggest playmaker not named Todd. It was tempting to put Meier in the second spot, but Briscoe gets the nod with his athleticism and speed. If KU were the Patriots, Briscoe would be Randy Moss and Kerry Meier would be Wes Welker. 3. Kerry Meier - I hope the "Old Reliable" nickname sticks. Meier has become like KU's Tony Gonzalez - any time Reesing has a crucial situation or needs a big catch, he looks Meier's way. If Meier really does not practice much at receiver (as his coaches and teammates say), his numbers are even more remarkable. 4. Darrell Stuckey - This might be painful for KU fans to hear, but he might be the only defensive starter that has played above expectations this year. The safety always seems to be around the ball and has been the most consistent player on defense. 5. Johnathan Wilson - KU players knew what they were talking about when they voted him as the biggest surprise player coming into the season. He's averaging more than 78 receiving yards per game and is showing no signs of slowing down. 6. Daymond Patterson - See a pattern here? KU's quarterback and receivers take up five of the top six spots, and deservedly so. After two weeks of showing how great he could be, Patterson reminded everyone the next two weeks that he still is a true freshman and will make freshman mistakes. I expect a big bounce back from the speedy Texan. 7. Jacob Branstetter - What was thought to be a weakness has become a strength because of Branstetter. He has made six of seven field goals and 11 of 12 extra points and should give KU fans peace of mind during close games. He still could use a little more distance on his kickoffs, but Jayhawk fans shouldn't be complaining about his production. ![][5]8. Jake Laptad - He's moved to the starter on the depth chart this week and deserves to be in that spot. Laptad's 2 1/2 sacks lead the team, and the Jayhawks desperately need him to continue his improvement. Future games against Sam Bradford and Graham Harrell and Chase Daniel will get ugly if KU can't establish a better pass rush. 9. Angus Quigley - Angus runs extremely hard and doesn't go down easy. He still runs high, and KU's coaches have been slow to give him an extended workload because of it. He's No. 1 on the depth chart now, but my gut tells me that Jocques Crawford will be back in the top spot before the season is done. 10. Joe Mortensen - Joe is tied for second on the team in tackles but still hasn't had a breakout game. He's just missed on a couple sacks and interceptions that would have boosted his numbers.Other "Big Boards" Dugan Arnett, KU football beat writer 1. Todd Reesing 2. Kerry Meier 3. Dezmon Briscoe 4. Darrell Stuckey 5. Angus Quigley 6. Daymond Patterson 7. Johnathan Wilson 8. Joe Mortensen 9. Jake Laptad 10. Chris HarrisEric Sorrentino, Big 12 Spotlight Editor 1. Todd Reesing 2. Kerry Meier 3. Dezmon Briscoe 4. Darrell Stuckey 5. Joe Mortensen 6. Daymond Patterson 7. Jake Laptad 8. Angus Quigley 9. James Holt 10. Jacob BranstetterTom Keegan, Journal-World Sports Editor 1. Todd Reesing 2. Kerry Meier 3. Darrell Stuckey 4. Dezmon Briscoe 5. Daymond Patterson 6. Johnathan Wilson 7. Joe Mortensen 8. Mike Rivera 9. Jacob Branstetter 10. Jake LaptadCombined "Big Board" 1. Todd Reesing (40 points) 2. Kerry Meier (35 points) 3. Dezmon Briscoe (32 points) 4. Darrell Stuckey (29 points) 5. Daymond Patterson (21 points) 6. Johnathan Wilson (15 points) 7. Joe Mortensen (14 points) 8. Angus Quigley (11 points) 9. Jake Laptad (10 points) 10. Jacob Branstetter (7 points) Others receiving votes - Mike Rivera (3 points), James Holt (2 points), Chris Harris (1 point). [1]: http://www2.kusports.com/podcasts/press_conferences_postgame_interviews/2008/sep/30/ku_coach_mark_man/ [2]: http://www2.kusports.com/news/2008/sep/30/fields_harper_expected_play/?breaking [3]: http://kansasfootball-itsbusinesstime.blogspot.com/2008/09/revised-big-boards.html [4]: http://worldonline.media.clients.ellingtoncms.com/img/photos/2008/09/20/ku_fbc_shs_ta322_t800.jpg?" " width="270" height="215 [5]: http://worldonline.media.clients.ellingtoncms.com/img/photos/2008/09/20/ku_fbc_shs_ta608_t800.jpg" " width="160" height="215


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