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Airport Security

Those of you who are travelling may encounter a situation that moves you deeply. . . . . .

This is how my horoscope started that day. I was in the KCI Airport as I wrote this. I read my horoscope after I had checked in and gone through security. Oddly, there was a situation that moved me deeply as I was going through the security line.

The security people had taken aside an older woman who was in a wheelchair. The woman had white hair and appeared quite frail as she shakily stood up to remove her jacket. Based on her appearance I would guess that she was about 80 years old. The security people were helping her remove her shoes and jacket to send them through security scanner. I realize the security workers were just doing their job and I don’t fault them for it. However, I was rather appalled that a woman in a wheelchair, who was obviously quite frail, would be required to go through the same procedures as the rest of us. I guess, though, that there is more than one way to view the situation.

What is your take on this? Should everyone have be treated exactly the same regardless of their age and physical situation? Do we really need to be afraid of elderly wheelchair bound women?