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Another one bites the dust?


Republican Senator Pat Roberts seems to have a stranglehold on his Senate seat. A promising new challenger arose for the 2008election in former Representative Jim Slattery, adding some interest to an otherwise barely-contested seat, but has he really lived up to the original hype?Slattery has been out of politics for the past fourteen years but is easily far more politically adept than any other potential challenger to Roberts. Considering a Democrat hasn't held a United States Senateseat in Kansas since 1939, it could be expected going into this race that it would be heavily Republican-favored. Even with Slattery's better-than-average political bio, however, the seat still looks to be locked down comfortably by Roberts. Is fighting for a Senate seat in Kansas just a perpetually losing battle for Democrats, or did the Slattery campaign just drop the ball?Perhaps it was just a result of bad campaign strategy. Part of the blame could be placed on the time wasted challenging Roberts to more debates when he has nothing to gain and everything to lose and thus no reason to agree to more debates. I think a large part of it was the poor campaign ads run by the Slattery campaign. Every time I see a Slattery ad come on while I'm watching TV, I can't help but feel as if they have no direction and no endgame in mind. There's nothingcompelling in any of the ads I've seen thus far. Whereas the Roberts ads feature heartfelt stories of his assistance to American soldiers and highlight traits in Slattery the majority of voters find unappealing, the Slattery ads leave you wondering where the past 30 seconds of your life went. The Slattery campaign really needs to stepit up with their ads to gain ground when Roberts boasts a favorable rating around sixty among Republicans and over twenty-five percent favorability among Democrats.It's probably too late for anything to change now. Even if it's not, there isn't much time left for the Slattery campaign to shake thingsup, and I just don't think it's going to happen.


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