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That's a lot of zeros...


Recently, there has been much discussion over the one millionth comment contest. Commenters have been posting at fever pitch, all hoping to have the correct time and date to win a fair amount of prizes. Several late breaking stories involving a local restaurant and a few misunderstandings between a couple local sports teams have only increased the pace. Some think the mark will be hit by midnight. There has also been speculation that the contest, to an extent, could be manipulated simply by the acknowledgment that the contest is even taking place. Certainly, quite a number of comments have simply been a running count of the messages to go, but JK and the LJWorld gang need not worry. Tomorrow, when the winner is revealed, and several users show their disdain for the post that breaks the mark, we will all go back to our normal routine. The winner will enjoy their spoils, the one millionth commenter will be incessantly bashed for saying they 'actually liked vermont street bbq', and we will all be amazed at the garbage people can post here. Happy commenting! Max Crabb


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