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Why buy local


We as consumers have a right to purchase food for our family that tastes the way it should, whether it be produce, meat, eggs or baked goods. Your area farmers cannot compete with the prices that factory, mass-volume operations are able to garner, but we can offer something far more valuable-a relationship and trust that our products are grown, produced and eaten by our families too. Our animals aren't injected with hormones to promote quick weight gain, their food supply comes from healthy grasses and grains as they spend their lives in pastures, not feedlots. When our animals are taken to a local processing plant, we know that the meat we get back to sell comes from that animal, not an unknown source that isn't tracked or identified. We may not be able to impact many of the issues that our country faces, but we can make a difference by working together to support local businesses and farms. It's a win-win - less gas consumption, better quality and safe. These are the businesses that support your community, provide revenue and contributions to local events. Thanks for your time and support. Hope to see you Saturday at the Lawrence Farmers' Market.


johnp 9 years, 11 months ago

Saturday at the Lawrence Farmers' Market yields some wonderful dinnersMorels, asparagus (both from LFM) and goat cheese pastaAsparagus (from LFM) risottoSpanakopitta - spinach from LFMKashmiri Kofta Kari - lamb from LFMI can't wait until Saturday and see what I find.

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