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Baa, Baa – Time to again shear the local taxpayer


I read the city budget study agenda and I note our city priorities are public safety, infrastructure and economic development. I note our shortages are in police resources and infrastructure. If we are serious, staff should offer alternatives where those shortfalls are funded while economic development is not. Of course ...

Winners and Losers.


A recent NYT published article reported that median family income today is the same in real terms as median family income in the early 1990s. The median family’s net worth has declined by 40% from $125K to less than $80K over the same period. The gains of a generation have ...

CATCH 22!!!


There is a response in the “Sound Off section of the LJW this AM that occasions a comment If it is accurate the city wants me to not bag my grass clippings but will issue me a citation if the clippings from mowing the city owned utility right of way ...

One More Time on Taxes - a Summary


In a recent thread on the Republican tax cut proposal for Kansas some confusion seems to have arisen as to my position as reflected in my many blog posts on taxes. I will attempt to clarify. For the record, I do not support what Mr. Brownback is doing and I ...


Moderate Over the past couple of days the wife and I noted a lone Canada goose along the road through the southern swamp. It patrolled one side over several days as we passed. We pondered if it had lost its mate and how long it might grieve that loss? Does ...

Sharing the Marbles


A NYT article appropriate to my many blogs on the subject of economic sharing has been published. Note that the reference at the end is to Sarah Palin. Conservatives may understand the problem better than some think! Interesting! See:

The End of The Middle Class as We Know It


Well Mr. Obama has delivered his version of the proposed 2013 budget. For all of you – it cuts defense – not as much to the corporations as to the war fighters. It also expands money for social services and yields a bottom line that is over a trillion dollars ...

What is the Matter with Liberal Kansans?


The book “What is the Matter with Kansas” can be summarized as noting that Kansans overlook their economic interests in pursuing “false” social issues. Well I play that right back to the Lawrence liberal scene. Is it in your economic interest to vote for people who keep finding ways to ...

What is the Matter with Kansas – No Kansas Liberals - Round 4?


I lied – oops will that get me “disappeared”? I found when I started to write the last part of my puzzle that it would be too long. So I will insert round 4. The focus of this blog is to summarize many of the blogs that I have wriitten ...

What is the Matter with Kansas – no Kansas Liberals- Round 3?


Time to look at regulatory impacts on families with incomes in the upper half of the middle class. We are all aware (or should be) that the EPA is releasing new carbon (and other pollutants) generation regulation. The EPA estimates that the costs of those will be about $90 Billion ...

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