Loyal Opposition

"Clean" Energy

George Lippencott

I had the good fortune to attend the presentation on energy policy by Mrs. Eisenhower at the Dole Center today. She had a simple set of messages. First, we as a nation need to be thinking more strategically (20 years out). Second, when we think out there for Electrical Energy ...

'Common Good"??

George Lippencott

When I was young (seems like a long-long time ago) the term “common good” was broadly understood and we did not need admonitions from our “law givers” to remind us of our obligations. It meant succinctly something that benefited the majority directly and that as a consequence was supported broadly.Today ...


George Lippencott

Our new President has been very clear that he feels we all need to ante-up. I did a quick look. We provide over 600 billon dollars a year in income transfers (does not include SS or Medicare). That amounts to about $7,500 a year per tax payer. We all know ...

Is there a problem with organized religion

George Lippencott

I found an interesting article in the LJW this morning concerning the Family Promise endeavor. I know from experience that we have an increasing challenge with homeless families. Family Promise serves such families. They came to the city and requested whatever the city claimed to be its due. After a ...

Creative Accounting

George Lippencott

The Governor has proposed her budget. She is meeting her fiscal obligations on the backs of our college students, the handicapped and our local governments. It is fascinating that our Democratic Governor and our mostly Democratic local delegation are not even attempting to raise taxes. I guess they feel that ...

Money Grows On Trees – Or Maybe On Houses

George Lippencott

Well, we are going to spend the second 350 Billon dollar bail out package on something. It sounds like this time we are planning to bail out defaulting homeowners. I am not sure how they came up the highest priority of all those hurt by this financial mess.I am having ...

1984 Whoops 2008

George Lippencott

There I was sitting at my desk processing our bills. Off in the corner the TV was showing an interview with Mayor Bloomberg of New York. Something he said caught my attention. His take, paraphrased, was that we are all equally responsible for the financial melt down. We have all ...

A deep pit

George Lippencott

A topic of note lately is the notion of “bailing out” the auto industry. The numbers vary but might be as much as 100 billon dollars. Just what does that get us?Much has been made this past week of the insensitivity of the management of the big three when they ...


George Lippencott

I appreciate the opportunity to express my thoughts on the LJW blog structure. I plan to comment from time to time on subjects of contemporary interest. My intent is to take an opposing view from the "Common Wisdom" on the topic. I hope that in this way I might broaden ...


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