Loyal Opposition

A Deafening Silence

George Lippencott

Today is Memorial Day. I listened to President Obama’s remarks at Arlington National Cemetery. I was impressed and, as a veteran, appreciative. I note that locally several of the veterans’ service organizations conducted ceremonies at our cemeteries. I searched the city web site and the LJW web site and could ...

Whack a Public Servant

George Lippencott

I note with much frustration that elements of our legislature seek to punish our state employees for the economic downturn we are experiencing. It sure is easy to whack the powerless by 5% and argue that others are sacrificing so our employees should. It is also cowardly and very bad ...

To the Guillotine

George Lippencott

I listened to Mr. Obama’s speech addressing the Chrysler Bankruptcy. I heard his harsh treatment of those who did not come to the table and sacrifice their investments. He cited hedge fund manager – and I understood. What has come to light since then is that some of those “holding ...

The great tax scam – are we suckers – or what

George Lippencott

Recently the IRS released 2006 data on who amongst us pays what in federal income tax. As usually, it was grouped by quintile (20% increments). It showed what we all know. The 40 percent of us with relative low incomes paid essentially no taxes. The middle paid about 6 % ...

An Ode- To the Kingdom of Lawrence

George Lippencott

There once was a kingdom called Lawrence. It was nestled in a small valley beside a flowing stream. Its citizens had done valorous things in its past. In this realm was an institution of learning which developed great leaders. The institution was well respected for its work. Many merchants flourished ...

Winners and Loosers in a single payer national health care system

George Lippencott

I have noted a number of letters to the editor lately that laud a single payer government run health care system. I have seen numbers associated with such an approach that defy credibility. I can not comprehend how we can include another 20-40% of the population and reduce the costs ...

The Mail Game

George Lippencott

I note that we have on the table a proposal to reduce mail delivery. I had hoped when I voted for Mr. Obama things like this would change. Before cutting service to all of us and maybe affecting rural America disproportionately, could we not change past patterns and ask business ...

Are you a Carbon Criminal?

George Lippencott

A few days ago, I learned from the BBC a new term, Carbon Criminal. It speaks to excessive use of resources. Well, in my 66 years I have been a significant resource consumer. I benefit from coal. I have owned a number of SUVs. I commuted to work all by ...


George Lippencott

I am always perplexed at comments made by my fellow citizens here in Lawrence. Let’s look briefly at “ear marks”. The party holding the presidency puts expenditures into the budget they submit that will help their congressional members (and constituencies where they may want to run a candidate in the ...

Property Tax Scofflaws

George Lippencott

During one of our “we need more tax money” drills recently, the proponents dusted off an old report that suggests that single family home owners do not pay their fair share in property taxes. How one goes about determining such matters is quite tricky. Exactly who benefits from government expenditures ...

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