Loyal Opposition

Low Hanging Fruit in Addressing Climate Change

George Lippencott

In another blog I criticized one of the favored approaches to reduce carbon emissions in the US. So as to not get the inevitable “What is your solution” here is one. In 1996 when climate change became a visible issue there were about 2.9 billion of us world wide. Today ...

Are We Ignoring Climate Change or The Ill Conceived and Inequitable Proposed Solutions

George Lippencott

.Could it be that we (the citizens) are not rejecting the call of our scientists but find serious fault with the solutions they put forth Let us examine the proposed carbon tax. It is sold based on the premise that it would yield charges more in keeping with the true ...

Minimizing Future Regret

George Lippencott

Recently, the city revealed some of the planning for the new sports complex proposed for West Lawrence. We are assured this is a good deal. I have no reason to doubt the intentions of our lawgivers but I have a nagging concern. I have not seen any form of prioritized ...

To Borrow or Not to Borrow

George Lippencott

In a recent thread on taxes a post established a choice between the following: Tax and spend assigned to the Democrats Borrow and spend assigned to Republicans The question was which was preferred. That is a false dilemma. We can match spending and taxes. Now where debt is concerned we ...

Half Truths, Lies and Misrepresentation

George Lippencott

What is a half truth? The word truth means an absolute meaning fact or certainty. If what you say/write is not accurate it is not the truth. Exactly what is not truthful in Representative Jenkins comment that “Right now we have people who are happy to collect unemployment and not ...


George Lippencott

Coming out of the conventions I cannot help but note that the level of discord is acerbic and escalating. The word liar is bandied about freely - frequently focused on opinion and beliefs. Intent is questioned and painted as base. Plans are challenged with high emotional content. Most exchanges are ...

A Redistribution Primer

George Lippencott

One of the basic tenants of Mr. Obama’s campaign was a more equitable distribution of income. The process to be used to achieve this goal was not presented in detail at that time. After almost four years I would contend we can see the outlines of his approach. The Democrats ...

Window of Opportunity

George Lippencott

We on this list have on several occasions had discussions as to whether the Democrats ever had the votes in the 111th Congress to pass a tax increase. If my research is accurate from July 7, 2009 to August 25, 2009, and September 25, 2009 to February 4, 2010, the ...

For the good of the nation

George Lippencott

I remember back in the old war movies where that line was frequently used just before a character sacrificed himself for the survival of the group. You do not hear it much today. Elsewhere on here I have posted a series of opinions as to just how we are all ...

Another Tax Deception - The Bush Tax Increase

George Lippencott

Whoa Toto, there they go again. We all know that certain posters on here argue for an ending to the so called “Bush Tax Cuts”. They make it sound as if only the rich would be impacted. They are lying! Many of you already pay more tax today then you ...

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