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Loyal Opposition


George Lippencott

This afternoon I noticed an article that to me is of considerable interest (see below). It addresses the issue of prejudice and might just surprise you. It is “knowledge based” but I can only hope not definitive. If the latter, I despair for the future of our country. You may ...

The "List" Goes On and On

George Lippencott

DoD Identifies Army Casualty 05/15/2014 02:40 PM CDT ________________________________________ IMMEDIATE RELEASE No. NR-248-14 May 15, 2014 ________________________________________ DoD Identifies Army Casualty The Department of Defense announced today the death of a soldier who was supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. Command Sgt. Maj. Martin R Barreras, 49, of Tucson, Arizona, died May ...

One Hidden Tax Load on the Middle Class

George Lippencott

Over the last couple of years I have been posting blogs addressing the direct tax load on the upper half of the middle class. I have opined that there is an even greater load because this group must purchase with taxable dollars goods and services that are provided to lower ...

What You Didn’t Read

George Lippencott

Perhaps some of you may have missed it as it was not covered clearly in the LJW. This week Mr. Harry Reid, the Democratic Majority Leader in the Senate, and clearly a leader in the Democratic Party announced that he would not accept any tax reform unless it generated at ...

Free Enterprise - Academic Style

George Lippencott

KU is one of the larger employers in the state. It has a total annual budget of $1.24 Billion from many sources. The state’s direct contribution is about 20%. Tuition provides another 20%. The question for discussion is whether the services provided to the citizens of the state given this ...

Security or Freedom

George Lippencott

When I was young I could go to government buildings and just walk right in. In the 1970s there were no barriers between myself and my Congressman. Nobody seemed to be fearful of being shot. There were as I recall few incidents. Signs would not have prevented them. The fact ...

America’s Stifled Growth

George Lippencott

In today’s Washington Post an article appears ( that explores why our recovery has been slower than historic experience. The gist of the article IMHO is that people (even through many have recovered the wealth they lost during the downturn) are simply not spending. The author speculates a bit on ...

Climate Realism

George Lippencott

Many of you are familiar with the interchanges between a number of contributors to this space who favor a carbon tax to address climate change and I. During the course of those exchanges I have been branded as a Luddite. Well I may no longer be wandering in the wilderness. ...

Another Memorial Day

George Lippencott

Another Memorial Day is upon us. We are busy throwing mud at each other about the size, scope and operation of our government. Meanwhile, despite Mr. Obama’s declaration of withdrawal, our troops continue to fight and die In Afghanistan. The price continues although no longer mentioned in our press. Below ...

Deceiving Ourselves

George Lippencott

In my somewhat limited world whatever solution is proffered to address a problem must be judged by how well it actually resolves the problem. In the recent cases of gun violence against groups, the weapons used were legal, the individuals using them were to a greater or lesser extent mentally ...

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