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Security or Freedom


When I was young I could go to government buildings and just walk right in. In the 1970s there were no barriers between myself and my Congressman. Nobody seemed to be fearful of being shot. There were as I recall few incidents. Signs would not have prevented them. The fact that many of those buildings were used by armed law enforcement officers (and still are) may have contributed.

Today more and more of my government buildings are being fenced off from the people. Yes, isolated from the very people who own them and who go there to conduct their legitimate business. It seems to me that we are building walls between the leaders and the led. Why should I be frisked in order to exercise my constitutional right to petition my government? Why do my commissioners need protection from me?

Could this issue be more about the overinflated self-aggrandizement of our elected officials who apparently feel that they must be protected from those they serve? They must have guards, security devices and an expensive and elegant forum to show their enhanced status over the plebian hoards who seek their approbation.

This issue is not about gun control. This issue is about the fundamental relationship between the leaders and the led in a democratic society.


50YearResident 4 years, 11 months ago

Very true and a good post. It makes me wonder what these Commissioners and Legislatures are planning to do that they will need protection from the average citizen like me. It should raise every ones eyebrows as well.

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