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Climate Realism


Many of you are familiar with the interchanges between a number of contributors to this space who favor a carbon tax to address climate change and I. During the course of those exchanges I have been branded as a Luddite. Well I may no longer be wandering in the wilderness. The article (http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/climate-change-needs-a-rational-response/2013/06/16/00673116-d2db-11e2-9f1a-1a7cdee20287_story.html) in the Washington Post speaks IMHO to near term reasonable solutions that do not require a carbon tax.

For the record, I oppose a carbon tax because in its current manifestations (there are many version). The citizens of Kansas would take a real and disproportionate impact to their standard of living as a consequence of most of the approaches so far presented because primarily we use coal for our energy needs. I believe, as the Washington Post suggests, that we should prioritize our carbon mitigation investments to address that very problem but I do so from a national perspective where all of us contribute more or less evenly toward that prioritized mitigation. We did nothing wrong and we should not be disproportionately punished to address a national objective.


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