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Baa, Baa – Time to again shear the local taxpayer


I read the city budget study agenda and I note our city priorities are public safety, infrastructure and economic development. I note our shortages are in police resources and infrastructure.

If we are serious, staff should offer alternatives where those shortfalls are funded while economic development is not. Of course I note that social services are not even in the priority scheme and are untouched. I also note that apparently everything else we do is of higher priority than our stated priorities as none of it is sourced. Perhaps these elements of our city expenditures should be appropriately prioritized and sourced as appropriate

As posted (see: http://www2.ljworld.com/weblogs/loyal-opposition/2012/jun/14/winners-and-losers/) the middle 60% of us(home owners) have lost 40% of their net worth and have seen no real income increase in two decades. Perhaps it is time for our lawgivers to recognize that. Not everyone here works for KU or the school district where expected income increases will offset the proposed mil levy increase.

Is this a game to argue for a revenue increase or a serious attempt to budget?


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