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We have been “disrespected”


Well, what a week. Somebody “disrespected” Lawrence. We are allegedly too liberal. Seems to have stirred up a lot of comments. Frankly I am little concerned that we may be too liberal from the standpoint of some of our legislators – kind of a badge of honor. What does trouble me is the number of posts defending our liberalism by attacking the people in the rest of Kansas.

Do some of you really think Mr. Phelps speaks for very many people?? If you do where did you get the data to make that assertion?

Do some of you really think everybody in the rest of Kansa believes in creationism? Where does that data come from? The fact that our state school leadership has at times tried to insert it into our curriculum is not IMHO a basis for a broad brush condemnation of all the people across the state. I might point out this issue arises in other states.

Do you really believe that any significant number of people in this state support killing doctors because they disagree with how they practice their trade?? From where did that notion come? History is replete with crazies of all political persuasions.

Some of the issues banded about are IMHO a bit more complex then the litmus test being applied.

Could some people be arguing that our schools should not be anti – religious? Both Darwin and the Big Bang are theories – there remains room for questions - not on the science but on the limits of science. Nobody knows how life began. If you want to believe in a lightening strike – fine. On the other hand what is threatening to you if some people want to see the hand of a higher power in the process? Can we not give them room?

Now we did vote to preclude “gay” marriage. Was that bigotry or aggravation. Some years back a majority of the populace supported full legal protections for all committed couples. Unfortunately the argument then degenerated into a fracas over the term “marriage”. Was there not enough room out there to allow those committed to that term continued ownership rights for another generation as long as the legal protections were available to all? Semantics can be a real challenge and no group owns the language.

Late term abortion is not something supported by large portions of the population. The trivial notion that those opposing it are denying woman their rights belies the complexity of that issue. To some the child also has rights – particularly once the child is viable. Demonizing those who hold that view seems IMHO to be avoiding the legitimate moral deli mina that troubles many people.

Last time I looked the sign down the street says University of Kansas not University of Lawrence. The employees/students at KU work for the people of Kansas. How can you work there or attend school there if you really believe the people you work for are bigoted, stupid and uncompromising? Perhaps they are more generous and are willing to accept such treatment. On the other hand, they just might ask their legislators to chasten their tormentors.

Diversity means accepting difference. Does diversity here at KU mean accepting of others but only those who share our opinions.

Think about it.



seagull 7 years, 5 months ago

And, the point of this "essay" is what?

whatadrag 7 years, 5 months ago

puts stuff in perspective, I doubt you read it

xclusive85 7 years, 5 months ago

Wow George, I agree with every point you made in this essay.

I believe the point of this essay was to display his dissapointment in the people, especially the people on the LJW message boards, who are generalizing the majority of Kansas residents (conservatives) with "facts" that are not necessarily true. I believe that disappointment comes from the posters being impulsive and irrational in the face of being "disrespected."

George, please correct if you feel the need.

Scott Morgan 7 years, 5 months ago

Bravo, clap, clap, clap, Do you really believe that any significant number of people in this state

I think your quote is the key. I certainly hope our local elite don't believe the rest of the state, or in total Great Plains citizens sit around with a dumb stare sucking thumbs.

I read an LJW article maybe 8 or 10 years ago topic being KU instructors taking a few weeks to tour other parts of our state. The rational was developing a better understanding of where our in state students come from.

George Lippencott 7 years, 5 months ago

Sorry for the confusion. I wrote this blog in response to the way some in this space were responding to Representative Brown’s comments. I drew comments from several letters and other blogs focused on that event and addressed a set of those here.

At the last minute the shooting in Arizona broke and seeing the same class of comments I referenced my blog on that thread. It really is not specific to it and if you came here from there you just might have a problem following. However the comments above by xclusive85 pretty much encapsulate my motives.

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