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Are you a Carbon Criminal?


A few days ago, I learned from the BBC a new term, Carbon Criminal. It speaks to excessive use of resources. Well, in my 66 years I have been a significant resource consumer. I benefit from coal. I have owned a number of SUVs. I commuted to work all by myself. I use air-conditioning. I heated my home to 72 degrees. I drove cross-country many times. I have many flying miles under my belt. Overall, my carbon footprint has been significant. It would appear that I am a carbon criminal. I should be ashamed

Well, I am not! Frankly, what I did was legal and was done by countless others at the time. Actually, I am angry at the very notion that I did anything wrong. To retrospectively criminalize a way of life is ridiculous. Not only does it fail to achieve anything useful; it creates a very hostile atmosphere that precludes any dialogue and destroys basic civility.

There seems to be an increasing tendency in recent times to retrospectively criminalize actions that some people find offensive. Let us prosecute Bush for a war that Congress authorized. Let us undo contract law because we do not like the outcome. Hey, why not tax those we disagree with – oops we are doing that. How about criminal actions against those who are now judged to have been carbon criminals? Where does all this stop? Am I to be in fear of the World Court?

Many believe that a major factor in our success as a nation can be attributed to our respect for the law. Are we now to abandon that commitment in the passions of the moment? For those of you so quick to judge people retrospectively remember that approach cuts both ways. Someone may judge you by his or her personal beliefs and not by any duly enacted laws. Just think, we then can have our own version of ethnic cleansing right here in the United States. Is this what we want?


devobrun 6 years ago

That which goes as environmental science these days is an overt attempt to replace religion. The opiate of the masses is to be replaced by guilt, redemption, salvation, and the new way via "experts".

Yep, the intelligentsia figured out that merely arguing against god wasn't working. So they decided to enhance their social power by becoming a new religion. Environmentalism is more than a political movement. It is a religion in every way. 1) Look at carbon as sin, cap and trade or tax as absolution. 2) It has proselytes and evangelists like Al Gore. 3) It has demagogues and hypocrites. 4) It has infidels and apostates 5) It has sacrifice and ritual. 6) Prophecy 7) Puritans 8) Confession and salvation 9) It promises a cure for the sickness that inhabits the human spirit.

Cast off your sins of the evil carbon. Join us in turning off your lights for one hour this weekend. Send money to Al Gore. Repent, the end is near.

devobrun 6 years ago

Oh, gee, how could I have forgotten. George, you are guilty of original sin. You used carbon all your life in a wanton way.

We all have. We are not worthy of redemption, but we ask it nonetheless. Buy a Prius. Confess your sins and feel better.

I would break into a penance of hail.... or our..... but I am not here to ridicule the Catholics, only the newly minted guilt trippers.

Isn't it strange how people create reality?

Kirk Larson 6 years ago

No one cares what you DID. What's important is what are you going to do. You know, the future?

Paul Decelles 6 years ago

Don't worry George I forgive you.

Just kidding. Personally though most people think of me as an environmentalist type, I hate this kind of judgmental term. It's right up there with tree hugger or left leaning liberal or conservative wacko or Darwinist as a way of demonizing people.

Paul..walking on somewhat medium sized carbon feet...;-)

devobrun 6 years ago

Paul, perhaps you also hate the judgmental aspects of carbon footprints? Tree hugger is mild compared to carbon criminal.

viewfromahill 6 years ago

"Frankly, what I did was legal and was done by countless others at the time."

(Present company excepted, but...)

What a shallow morality, legality... not deepened by the ruts of the bandwagon.

jonas_opines 6 years ago

"There seems to be an increasing tendency in recent times to retrospectively criminalize actions that some people find offensive."

I thought of a great Godwin for this, and then didn't. . . .

"Let us prosecute Bush for a war that Congress authorized. Let us undo contract law because we do not like the outcome. Hey, why not tax those we disagree with – oops we are doing that. How about criminal actions against those who are now judged to have been carbon criminals? Where does all this stop? Am I to be in fear of the World Court?"

. . . but man, after this escalation to absurdity. . . nah.

Let's drop a step.

"There seems to be an increasing tendency in recent times to retrospectively criminalize actions that some people find offensive."

Like slavery!

jonas_opines 6 years ago

/carbon criminal = insultingly stupid term

grammaddy 6 years ago

Cappy, You're absolutely right. Now that we are facing the consequences of our past "sins" what can we do differently in the future?

RoeDapple 6 years ago

George - my inlaws asked my opinion on them getting more efficient vehicles. She has a mid size crossover @ 21mpg. He has a pick up @ 19mpg. they were looking at different models that get upwards of 36mpg.These wonderful people are in their early eighties. we calculated that at current gas and vehicle prices with the number of miles they drive, all things staying the same they would have to drive the new vehicle 37 years to break even. Their carbon footprint is about nothing. At your age and mine I seriously doubt any changes we made now could "redeem" us Who coulda known.....................

Mixolydian 6 years ago

It's all the mouth breathers exhaling inordinate amounts of CO2 that are ruining this planet.

Every time a militant environmentalist exhales, our planet dies a little.

jonas_opines 6 years ago

"Every time a militant environmentalist exhales, our planet dies a little."


I might have to put that on a T-Shirt. I'll message you to set up the royalties if I do.

smartestmanintheworld 6 years ago

I just thought of a great money maker. If they do start giving out carbon credits I shall open several business that have a high carbon output. Of course these will be phoney businesses that do nothing but I will be selling my credits and make some money.

Ken Lassman 6 years ago

Carbon criminal, tree hugger, redneck, enviro-nazi....they are all stupid insults, they should all be forsworn, and anybody who uses them are guilty of the same stupidity--does everyone agree?

Now that we've identified that there are stupid people who call people who they don't agree with nasty names, why don't we ignore them?

devobrun 6 years ago

Cappy: Here is what will happen:

The UN will form a study group to investigate the formation of a committee to mitigate the problem of carbon visa vie economic and social diversity. Meetings will be held in Bali, Monaco, and Paris (summer) to come up with inclusive economic schemes to redistribute carbon criminality and economic sanctions.

Emerging economies will benefit and Europe and the U.S. will pay for India, Brazil, and China in terms of carbon. Just like slavery, America will be blamed for carbon because of past carbon sins.

Redistribution of wealth complete, the new evidence from IPCC will show that global warming has not occurred because of CO2, but because of other factors. Power will be concentrated in global government, and the dominance of the U.S. will have faded. Decisions about your life will be made by people from Ghana, Tuvalu, Ukraine, and who know where else.

Banality will rule: http://www.foxnews.com/projects/pdf/032709_informationnote.pdf

Mission accomplished.

devobrun 6 years ago

Between 8:30 and 9:30 pm tomorrow night we are being asked to reduce our energy needs. Turn down the lights, etc.

Around this time all citizens of Lawrence should listen toward the Lawrence Energy Center north of town. There will likely be a loud rumble from the steam release from boilers. These boilers are used to drive steam generators that make electricity.

With the reduced demand from 8:30 till 9:30, the generation will be reduced as well. If demand drops significantly, then steam will have to be released, thus wasting energy that came from coal. If demand doesn't decrease much and the steam isn't available, we will experience a brown out.

Each time zone in America will, in turn, reduce electrical demand, and then resume their lights at 9:30. If there are many compliant electrical users, we will see a ripple through the grid that will cause havoc.

Good thing the Jayhawks are playing at 8:30 tonight and not tomorrow.

Foolish notions result in foolish actions.

Don't worry George, there is plenty of guilt resulting from ignorance to spread around.

sinverguenza 6 years ago

I never knew people were trying to insult me when they called me a tree hugger. Whew! Why would you insult someone who hugs trees? Trees are good people and they never did anything to hurt anybody, except in the twisted mind of M. Night Shyamalan.

George Lippencott 6 years ago

A thought - Each individual has a carbon footprint. We can not make that zero We can have fewer individuals Maybe those of us who are older can go back and eliminate our self-serving offspring who created the term "Carbon Criminal" and thereby make a real contribution to mitigating Climate Change

Paul Decelles 6 years ago

Actually Devo in a sense tree hugger and carbon criminal as terms are similar since they are both meant to pigeon hole people whose view one does not like. That is what I meant....

DougCounty gets it.

tonymontana 6 years ago

I have a big pit in my back yard where i dump jet fuel and burn it.

classclown 6 years ago

Would you be ashamed if I wag my finger at you?

We've all become immune to the name calling as that's pretty much all anyone is capable of doing anymore in an attempt to denigrate those with which they disagree with.

A good finger wagging however... Now that will set a shaming upon someone.

classclown 6 years ago

How many carbon credits will I use up whenever I pass gas? Is it a floating scale depending upon the severity of each situation?

viewfromahill 6 years ago

There are no carbon criminals... only little criminals.

classclown 6 years ago

When you outlaw carbon, only criminals will emit carbon.

Jim Phillips 6 years ago

You can tell the Libs are in charge! How Narcissistic can you be? The Earth was here before we were and it will be here long after we're gone.

RoeDapple 6 years ago

When Al gore rides a bicycle all over the country to preach about environment instead of a 747 I'll know it's a serious issue. Otherwise, keep the pumps running...........

RoeDapple 6 years ago

Good call Tom ---GWO. could become a household phrase.

points for Tom!

RoeDapple 6 years ago

Marion, if you end up in the ditch, call me. I'll throw the chain in the back of my 13mpg F-250 and come pull you out.

tunahelper 6 years ago

I burn at least 20 cords of red oak every winter! I love the smell of burning wood on a cold winter night!

p.s. algore is the biggest hypocrite on the planet.

devobrun 6 years ago

Paul, tree huggers don't get taxed or arrested. Carbon criminals do. That is what I meant.

Chris Ogle 6 years ago

No methane gas taxes.... even tree huggers emit those gases.... or do they.... second thought... they probably do, but won't admit it... heaven forbid.

devobrun 6 years ago

There are two reasons to move away from fossil fuels.
1) CO2 production is said to cause increased temperature due to a feedback mechanism that causes more water to evaporate into the atmosphere. CO2 alone is not enough to worry about, so the feedback mechanism is emphasized as the culprit. Never mind the other mechanisms like cloud formation and solar output, and cosmic ray deflection by solar magnetic fields......

2) Oil is a limited resource and concentrated in unstable countries of the world. Politically and economically, oil is a problem for the west because the money we send to these countries winds ups buying guns for terrorists.

1) is a lie. It is science done by politicians who have an agenda. The agenda is to shift power from western free market business to global top-down management.

2) has now a very good chance of being solved by a new technique of converting coal to oil.


We are saved.

Jim Phillips 6 years ago

We must eliminate all methane producers to save the planet and to keep ourselves from dying off! Everyone-eradicate all living mammals and yourselves immediately! It's the only way we can survive!

oldvet 6 years ago

Boy, this has me so upset that I think I will drive alone in my large, V-8 powered, SUV all the way to the gun club and blast away at some silhouette targets...

Centerville 6 years ago

It's all a scam to raise taxes and some of the usefuls have fallen for it. 0'blahbblah will do a lot of talking (surprise) and talking and talking. But even he knows it's silly.

HermioneElliott 6 years ago

Well this is just great. All the good old boys in one place. I think we should move all of you to somewhere like, say, Wyoming, put a dome over it. That way the rest of us can work on a way to breathe clean air and drink clean water. Humans are managing to destroy to animal species, now we can start to work on ourselves. But, the planet will still be here.

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