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I am always perplexed at comments made by my fellow citizens here in Lawrence. Let’s look briefly at “ear marks”. The party holding the presidency puts expenditures into the budget they submit that will help their congressional members (and constituencies where they may want to run a candidate in the next election). Those are not called “ear-marks”. The party out of power can not do that. When we have split government, as we did for the last two years of Mr. Bush’s term, the party holding the Congress adds “ear marks” for their congressional members and for constituencies where they want to compete in the next election as they did in the budget just signed by Mr. Obama (there were some for the Republicans, too).

When Mr. Obama says he wants to end “ear-marks” what he is saying is that now that my party hold it all, we can add what we need into my budget and cut the other party out since they hold no power. If they (the Republicans) block some legislative move against ear-marks we can make them look bad while my party takes care of those matter within the budget.

“Ear-marks” will still be there, they just will not be called that. Until we get back to split government the party not in power will not have them at all or will pay a political price to get them. How do I know – because I spent 25 years in and around the process back there (serving both parties)!!! Mr. Obama is again talking out of both sides of his mouth and depending on the ignorance out here to protect him. “Ear-marks or their equivalent within the budget will always be with us – because “we” demand them!


Rex Russell 9 years, 3 months ago

Ear marks are less the issue for me than other things. A good deal of these like type items are allowed to be inserted to insure a vote. Even if it has nothing to do with the original bill to be considered. Every elected official is expected to do for their people back home. I am angry at both parties for their hypocracy. The President for talking up how bad earmarks are for months, and then signing it anyway. Further, noting how how we'll "gettem next time". Even worse were the loyal opposition who decried how much pork there was while supplying half the pig. Hypocrits calling hypocits hypocrits.

JackKats 9 years, 3 months ago

Regardless of what they call the spending, it is still OUR money they are spending. (And alot of it in very wreckless and irresponsible ways)

elfth 9 years, 3 months ago

In my town, district, profession, it's stimulus. All others are pork.

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