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Is there a problem with organized religion


I found an interesting article in the LJW this morning concerning the Family Promise endeavor. I know from experience that we have an increasing challenge with homeless families. Family Promise serves such families. They came to the city and requested whatever the city claimed to be its due. After a year, we are still studying the problem while winter has threatened the homeless! Couldn’t we provide provisional authority for Family Promise to proceed pending whatever outcome the study might produce? If we do not have authority to regulate religious activities than Family Promise is free to proceed anyway. If we do have such authority, the ordinance is pretty much completed and should be implemented. What is the difficulty with moving ahead?We zipped through the ordinance on snow removal despite legitimate concerns about impacts on the elderly, the infirmed and the handicapped. We may even be in violation of Federal Law concerning some of these groups. It didn’t matter. Somebody wanted an ordinance and we have one – one of the more demanding requirements in Kansas.Could our lawgivers have some form of prejudice with respect to the faith-based community and efforts they undertake that some might consider the purview of the city – despite the fact that the city is not addressing the problem. I guess our lawgivers would rather raise our taxes to meet this need then let a non-city entity provide needed service to our less fortunate citizens! I hope I am wrong because if they were so inclined their bias would be despicable!


das 9 years ago

"Is there a problem with organized religion"...um.....Yes!

Fred Phelps....The Inquisition....Spanish Missionaries....The Crusades...Catholic Church child buggering...don't even start me on the Middle East...and other parts of the world. More killing is done in the name of an organized religion than for any other reason (look it up).....but I digress....

You have it all wrong on what is happening in Lawrence.... We will see the city bending to the whims of a special interest group, fire code exemptions made, and all churches re-categorized as being able to be Type A Homeless Shelters. So let's just hasten the deterioration of the grand old neighborhoods from within. A true "neighborhood" is made up of people who know and care about each other as a small community. At least Family Promise introduced a social unit within the community (homeless families) - transient as it is. In the meantime, the "real Christians" can step up and open their own homes to these people. It's fine and dandy to be outspoken when the consequences don't affect you personally. The church members really don't care about the neighborhoods -- just a warm fuzzy feeling from a token gesture to ensure their ticket on the heaven train. Show your mercy and compassion and open a shelter in your home...maybe some "Weekend Christians" fill follow suit. Problem solved.

foolishmortal 8 years, 11 months ago

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Leftist college students supporting the U.N. are just that. They really don't think and that is probably why they go for the contraceptives. Some don't think their seed is worth propagation. They are really just "useful idiots" of the eugenic elites, who have been wanting to get rid of Blacks, the retarded, and other unwanteds through Planned Parenthood. They just have the mothers do it for them.

The Catholic Church, on the other hand, though some groups in their name have done wrong, teaches the opposite of this behavior. It has defended the rights of those unwanted by the Freemasons and other secret societies that would like to wipe out the weak in America and abroad. You only have to have known about NSSM 200 and Obama's federal funding of abortion and such abroad to see this in action.

Instead of being ignorant of religions you don't like, it may help to actually read its official and approved catechisms. You may learn who's on the side of the truly disenfranchised and who's not.

The Protestants ok divorce and remarriage, which Jesus officially condemned in the Bible, as well as contraception, which goes against natural law and is now known to be an abortifacient. Besides, the Bible says God knew us before we were born and counted all the hairs on our head then.

Face it, we are the true Church Christ created in the Bible. We also have had those, whose lives are celebrated by all faiths, such as St. Francis and Blessed Theresa of Calcutta, as well as others, known just to us, who have created orders committed to caring for the disenfranchised and hospitals for the care of all--even those the eugenic left wants to be rid of (Margaret Sanger, founder of the left's Planned Parenthood, was a Nazi sympathizer and thus, I rest my case) or use as specimens for their scientific-communist experiments.

Those like Fred Phelps, the KKK and the leftist scientists, the likes of which worked at Hadamar, are, I believe, of the same ilk. It's just that the left won the semantics war by using the Nazis to be the forefathers of conservatives and those who went awry during the Crusades as those of religious conservatives. We only have to look at the Weinmar Republic and the Communists of the 20th century to see what horrors can be committed by those who had declared war against the weak and the Church (which could be slow in recognizing people like the Freemasons and their right-wing KKK and their left-wing Communists as evil-doers, but which acted valiantly against them, once wise to their plans--Jewish people praised Pope Pius 12th, for example, for saving many Jews from the Nazis, one Jew converted and took the Pope's birth name and one Jews became a canonized nun, named Benedicta Stein). Where were the fuzzt wuzzy non-Catholics?

It's time to recognize that The Church, when its members are acting according to its doctrines, defend the truly disenfranchised.

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