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An Ode- To the Kingdom of Lawrence


There once was a kingdom called Lawrence. It was nestled in a small valley beside a flowing stream. Its citizens had done valorous things in its past. In this realm was an institution of learning which developed great leaders. The institution was well respected for its work. Many merchants flourished in the kingdom. All had work. Living was easy and exciting. There was abundance and life was good

As time passed, the leaders of the institution saw they could do better so they reached out to faraway lands and brought in teachers of great wisdom. Soon, the institution became recognized throughout the empire. The new teachers longed for the ways of their homeland. They partitioned the Council of the Realm and lo, in good time many new ways were implemented

The Council saw that with the new ways the kingdom was very alluring. They sent forth disciples to preach this wonderment. In time the kingdom became known in the far reaches of the empire. Many strangers came to partake of the goodness.

There lived in the land many carpenters. They saw the need for dwellings and structures. They built and created many things to make the kingdom more attractive and comfortable. Merchants saw the prosperity of the realm and presented their wares to the people. They, too, prospered and the land was rich with their bounty. The Council of the Realm took heed and sent forth the tax collectors to proportion the wealth of the land.

Lo, this cycle continued for many years. The land continued to grow rich and prosperous. Life was good. But…all was not well!

In time some of the inhabitants could not find work in the kingdom. They required alms. The Council saw this need and sent forth the tax collectors to gather more wealth from the populace. Some of the foreigners had ways that were not acceptable to the wisest in the kingdom. Roundtables were called and the Council put forth many decrees to mold the kingdom in the ways of the wise.

As the kingdom grew large it devolved into many factions. Some hungered for the time when it was small. Others wanted more growth. Still others grew in concern for those without work. Some saw the need for more merchants. Others saw that the cost to live in the kingdom was too great. Some questioned the decrees sought by the wise. Some wanted more decrees. There was conflict in the kingdom!

All sought redress from the Council who again sent forth the tax collectors - more frequently to address the many demands. The kingdom was pulled in many ways. The council could not calm the conflict. The cost to live in the land became oppressive and the ways of the land conflicted. Life was no longer good!

The values of property declined and the carpenters and builders were without work. Merchants found the decrees of the wise too costly and departed. Attracting wise teachers from afar became too dear. Many inhabitants could no longer afford to live in the realm and left. Strangers no longer came. The Council of the Realm sent forth the tax collectors ever more frequently. For many, life was no longer good. The cycle accelerated. The Council continued to work for peace amongst the factions. Conflict increased. Life became ugly.

One day a white knight came forth. She brought leadership to the kingdom. She imposed peace upon the factions. Decrees were reduced and the merchants flourished. The carpenters could build anew. Teachers were sought from within the realm and the need for new ways moderated. Work was found for those who were not working. Priorities were established. Some of the tax collectors were pensioned. The cost to live in realm declined. Citizens who had departed returned. Some of the old ways were restored. Life was good again. The kingdom prospered!


Ronda Miller 9 years ago

Interesting and creative read, George! Let us hope the white knight arrives before it is too late for our local carpenters, merchants, and teachers and that the high cost of living in our little town declines.

I know we supposedly are safe guarded - insulated- because we live in a college town, but I have an awful lot of friends who have been laid off and a couple who have lost their homes.....Pretty bleak from what I am viewing.

Maybe the white knight can supply a magic plant (no, not pot) that the people of our fair city can ascend and with it will come peace, knowledge of how to live within our means, and the ability to be empathetic to others who are less fortunate.

Boeing 9 years ago

The high cost of living is only going to go up in Lawrence, while the salary paid to many employees does not. How fun!

George Lippencott 9 years ago

Hi Rhonda Yet, I know of a young couple just arrived in Lawrence from afar. They have found work and an appartment and are happy to be here. All is not bleak.

Perhaps the hurt lies with the moderately skilled middle as they are priced out by the young?

Ronda Miller 9 years ago

The case with the two people I know who lost their homes...they were both women...middle aged, hard working.. not beat out by the young, just couldn't keep up with the cost of living increase with no cost of wage increase.

I know there are jobs out there...both the women I know have held the same position for several years and work for "higher education".... Obama has a couple of good plans to help people out in terms of keeping their houses, but for some it is too little too late....

It is extremely sad to see people who thought they would at least have a home to leave their children...and now the home is gone...along with their dreams.

Tom McCune 9 years ago

Are any members of the Whitenight family actually running in this election?

George Lippencott 9 years ago

The progressive Kindom of Lawrence abolished the death penalty in times past. If you deviate from the ways of the wise the tax collector comes to visit more frequently until you no longer can afford to live in the land.

The Whiteknight family is not seeking to serve on the Council of the Realm.

bearded_gnome 9 years ago

Oh, I see. the blog is an homage to Sue Hack. okay, now i get it.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 9 years ago

Seems to be a blog about the mythical "good ole days."

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