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For Sale: One sad Jayhawk


I have a needlepoint of all of the versions of Jayhawks. The most recent iteration is clearly "Happy Jay." We need a new one, crying.

The proud symbol of Jayhawk Nation, a fiercely loyal bird that is friendly to a fault, is crying today. And no one is saying when he might smile again. The big prize -- tickets to a KU B'ball game -- sullied so bad the once proud bird may not fly again.

In the interest of full disclosure, I used to be a basketball season ticket holder. But when they started to talk about a points system, I realized my season tickets would be discounted in value. Attending the games would still be valuable, but I wouldn't be part of that community in Section 14A. No longer would I be able to sit with my longtime friends at games, asking before the game, "How are the kids?" "How's your Mom doin'?" "I can't believe your daughter is seven. It was just like yesterday, you were here eight months pregnant with her." "Here's the latest pic of my boys." I knew the points system would break up my gang. I continued to give to KU academically, but the sportin' enterprises were going to have to do on without my ducats.

Now, the sportin' enterprises turn out to be a Mini-Madoff scam. People paying more and getting less or nothing. Imagine how long this could have gone on if Freeman had not blown the whistle to protect his own backside. Now imagine how long it is going to take to fix this system. Now imagine how long it is going to take for a proud bird to strut again. Here is a simple five point plan to get Jay flying again.

  1. Mr. Perkins, tender your resignation. Do so because this occurred on your watch and that is enough to compel your resignation.
  2. Spin KU Athletics back under the University's complete control. No longer have just the AD as an university employee; make them all KU employees.
  3. Institute the stricter financial controls recommended by the Report.
  4. Eliminate the points system and give those who did not get an advantage, even though they gave more and more, recognition. That may be simple - a letter of thanks, an announcement at a game recognizing their small contribution and then let us applaud the honest, decent, loyal and deserving Jayhawk fans.
  5. Hang a banner in Allen and at Memorial Stadium in black and white with the numbers "5-26-2010". Then put the international sign of prohibition across it as a reminder to all of us to not let this happen again.

Maybe then Jay will smile and fly again.


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