Linux Chick Misses Her Kansas Home

Gambling Anyone? Say it ain't so!


I'm the kind of girl that can't bring myself to drop a dollar in a slot machine. Nope, can't do it. Even though I've been to Reno and Vegas a handful of times. Something about losing my hard-earned money in a few seconds of lunacy elicits my gag reflex.And then ...

Bad News for Internet Legal Precedents: Lori Drew Indictment


I'd like to take a moment to send a warm message to the friends and family of Megan Meier on their tragic loss. What a tragedy and while we never met Megan personally, we mourn with you. You are in my prayers.When I first read about the 41-year-old woman impersonating ...

Do Democrats Have Too Much Pride?


Democrats are... Defectors?Now, I'm a Democrat and am probably going to catch all kinds of crap for this.Let me begin with saying that I'm a Hillary supporter. Yep, I felt the sting last Tuesday when I watched her campaign chances all but dwindle down to zero. I'm still donating on ...

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