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No one knows.


There is something about the weather today that makes her remember a time that was happy. Reminds her of days when there was something to look forward to. Now she sits and waits for the day to end and a new to begin....knowing full well that it will lead no where. She doesn't understand how she got here or where she came from along the way. What she vaguely recalls is feeling content. Now she ponders what there is to live for and why life is the way it is.


Larry Powers 10 years, 4 months ago

Hi Bilabila This is forlorn poem, a mood poem of a young woman who wonders where it all went so wrong. I recall one day last fall when my wife and I were walking downtown Lawrence and I made a comment to my wife about something I saw in a young woman's eyes, as she walked downtown alone. I think this poem says what I saw in her eyes.

Ronda Miller 10 years, 4 months ago

I agree with kansaspoet that this is a mood piece about someone wanting to find peace inside themself.

I think a lot of young people feel this disconnect with their place in life, I know I did for a time.

My hope is that she spends time with those people and things she knows give her pleasure as much as she can - and knows the hope of tomorrow lives inside each and everyone of us. Sometimes it, the fire of hope, burns so low that you forget it still burns - other times the fire burns so bright you forget the worry or despair. Find a cause to ignite the hope.

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