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Like a Broken Vase


All it took was the thought of something that will never beRemembering that love rarely comes alongAnd when it does it usually doesn't lastThat one moment, one ache in my heartTo take me back to JulyBack to the moment I answered the phoneHeard the hesitation in his voice"Hey Claire, have you talked to mom yet?"I hadn't he would soon realizeHe had to be the one to tell me"Pete shot himself last night, he's dead"Not a day goes by that I don't feel the emptinessThere is something that is missing in my lifeThere is a void that no one can fillNothing will ever heal that painThose that leave me behind, don't leave a voidBecause the void was already thereI am broken, unable to move onI am vase that cannot be filledFor it is crackedA dream that goes unfulfilledBecause I never wakeI am the rose that never blooms Because of the late spring frostI am the wounded horse That must be laid downI will never be whole againThe pain continues to comeIn waves it flows through my bodyLike my body has been hit by a volt of lighteningI fall limp after tears have run til' they run no moreMy body is exhaustedI fear lossI fear Saturday calls from himI miss the laughterThe jokes about "Lak MiSing"This American Life will never be the sameThe life I live will never be the same


Ronda Miller 10 years, 3 months ago

You describe your emotions over your loss very well. I can feel your pain. You won't be the same again, but you already have become more than what you were before the pain. You are still feeling, be glad of that. Be glad you wrote such a wonderful tribute and helped Peter live forever through your love and sorrow.

You are cracked, but you still are whole, you are a rose who never bloomed, but you still are a rose, late spring frost still gives way to spring growth and renewed life, and the wounded horse that must be laid down needs yet to be given more time to heal the wound.

Hugs my friend.

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