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Somalia: Liberal Paradise


Capitalism is a system based upon property rights. In a capitalist society the primary function of government is to protect individuals' rights to life, liberty and property. Liberal policies are based upon having the government violate individual rights, particularly the right to own property. They want the government to confiscate ever larger portions of our property, dictate to us how we can use our property, or even take our property entirely from us at the whim of the state.

This is what makes poor countries like Somalia poor--the lack of property rights. Without property rights there is no incentive to invest, no incentive to improve, no incentive to even maintain property. Somalia is what the US would become if liberal policies were to completely rule. The US has enough economic freedom that the engine of wealth creation--capitalism--is still working, albeit weaker and weaker. As liberal policies continue to violate property rights the incentive to invest weakens causing further poverty.

Consumer spending levels have already returned to pre-recession levels and government spending is higher, yet the economy is not recovering. This is because investment is down, thanks to weakening property rights. Somalia is where liberal policies lead us. Lack of property rights protections remove the incentive to invest and improve property, and it's no wonder that firms have been seeking to invest elsewhere in the world and away from the US government's reach.


bearded_gnome 6 years, 8 months ago

L1: also, comes the prideful assumption by liberals that they know when somebody has enough money, just enough.

because beyond that point they become the evil rich and it is just "fair" to tax the cr*p outa them.


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