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Did Jenkins Win, or Did Boyda Lose?


How did Jenkins beat Boyda? Many people thought that Boyda had the election locked up. The Boyda campaign itself thought that they were up by 20 points going in to Election Day. Early on in the campaign Boyda turned down DNC money and throughout the campaign she refused to go negative. All of these things speak to just how confident she was that Kansans were going to send her back to Washington. So what went wrong? In my opinion, it wasn't anything that Boyda did wrong. I think it was Obama's fault. Nancy Boyda is quite possibly the only Democrat in the nation who was hurt by Barack Obama. I think Kansas voters went into the voting booth, realized that the Democrats were likely to be in control of both the Legislative and the Executive Branches, and panicked. They may have given thought to the possibility that the Democrats would have such a large majority that the Republicans wouldn't be able to block any legislation. This has to be the reason. It wasn't Jenkins' stellar debate performances. It wasn't her use of extremely persuasive "robo-calls". No, it was the fact that while some Republicans were willing to give a Democrat a chance under a Republican President, at a time when Republicans controlled both Houses, these same voters weren't ready to send a Democrat to a Washington that was under liberal control. Even a moderate Democrat like Boyda would be un-likely to stand up to Pelosi or Obama. Thankfully Kansans have a healthy dis-trust of Washington and believe in the principle of "checks and balances." Congratulations to Jenkins and her campaign. Thanks for giving us a chance to vote for a conservative in this liberal tidal wave.


Alia Ahmed 9 years, 5 months ago

Well, given the news of her pending divorce, I think Jenkins' husband is the real winner.

Rex Russell 9 years, 5 months ago

I sincerely think Boyda lost it on her own. She was a half-hearted Democrat or a poor Republican. She tried to make her constituents on both sides of the fence happy and in the end made neither. She was elected by a surge of Democrats voting on her rhetoric on swiftly stopping the funding for the war and did nothing for them. She voted against the stimulus package only after a flood of emails and calls against. Otherwise she would have voted for it. Republican knew this and they were unhappy. Jenkins won't be particularly effective, but I don't see her doing much harm. Problem is, I don't see her doing much...period.

Mixolydian 9 years, 5 months ago

Alia Ahmed (Alia Ahmed) says:Well, given the news of her pending divorce, I think Jenkins' husband is the real winner.Classless.I read somewhere that Boyda's mistake was running the 2008 campaign on the mistaken assumption that people voted for her in 2006:when in actuality, people voted against Ryan.

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