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Lawrence Citizens Beware!


Residents of Lawrence should be paying close attention to the District Attorney race in Shawnee County. Why? Because all of those "bad guys" from Topeka might be trading in their weekend passes to Lawrence in favor of a more permanent visit. If Eric Rucker, the Republican candidate for District Attorney, gets elected, he promises to strike fear in the hearts and minds of criminals again. If he does, they are likely to find another place to do "business." Rucker plans to make Topeka as un-welcoming as possible for the criminal element.Rucker looks well positioned to win the race, as the hardest part may likely be over. After defeating the incumbent DA, Robert Hecht, it seems like a downhill run straight through Chad Taylor (the Democratic nominee for District Attorney) and right into the DA's office. Taylor's youth and relative inexperience pitted against Rucker's 15 years + of prosecutorial experience and a 90% conviction rate seems unlikely to be much of a challenge.If Lawrence wishes to keep its city safe from those "bad Topekans," they better hope for an upset in Shawnee County. While Chad Taylor's emphasis on the "War on Drugs" might send a few more hippies your way, Eric Rucker promises to send the real criminals scurrying.


RJ 9 years, 8 months ago

Well, it doesn't matter any more, Howe defeated Kline in the Primaries.What matters is what is going to happen in Topeka. Will we see a noticeable change now that Hecht is on his way out?

bull_in_a_china_shop 9 years, 8 months ago

in this race, i am sort of torn though, i am not sure that the Planned Parenthood Clinic should not be prosecuted, but at the same time, should that be the District Attourny's only concern. should all of the taxpayers' money be spent on?http://voices.kansascity.com/node/1773

bull_in_a_china_shop 9 years, 8 months ago

yes, i realized i was talking about the wrong thing ... ss RJ ... i was obviously lost for a few and was not clued into what were you talking about

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