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Last Day of the World


This post is dedicated to my wife Adrianne. She works harder than anyone I know and deserves the better world that is on our doorstep.http://worldonline.media.clients.ellingtoncms.com/img/blogs/entry_img/2008/Nov/03/DSCN4396.JPGI have been trying to write my thoughts about this election. I have been searching for my own insight into what I think will happen and why and I would have thought I would have something to contribute to the 2008 United States presidential election. With some luck and hardwork, November 3, 2008 will be the last day of the world.The more I think about the election, the less it makes sense. Why is it even possible that Senator McCain has a chance to win? Every way I add it up, there should be no plausible scenario in which John McCain wins the election. I won't rehash every issue because I am not interested in debating with McCain supporters. I think McCain supporters are willfully ignoring what is happening in the world. That is completely fine and not illegal in any way and they have every right to ignore the world, but there are real problems that need to be addressed today that have been avoided for the last eight years. I don't think the Democrats have all the best ideas. I think it will take the best ideas from both parties to solve our political, social, economic and environmental challenges. But the central argument from the Republicans over the last weeks and months of the election has been that Barack Obama is a socialist and that this is not the time to experiment with socialism. If that is the best idea that Republicans have, John McCain will not be an extension of George Bush. He will be far worse. Warren Buffet and Paul Volcker do not endorse socialists.I was talking with a friend of mine today. He is from Chennai, on the southeastern coast of India. Chennai has about 1.5 million more residents than Kansas. He has a masters degree in public administration and worked for several years for the city government. After overcoming the shock of learning that election day is not a national holiday in the United States, he said "Matt, Barack Obama must win. I fear that many Indians will begin to lose faith in democracy if he does not."http://worldonline.media.clients.ellingtoncms.com/img/blogs/entry_img/2008/Nov/03/DSCN4367.JPGI am embarrassed to admit that I may have succumbed to casting my vote as much out of fear as out of hope. Voting should be about supporting nothing but your hopes and dreams. I do believe in the change advocated by Senator Obama. I don't agree with all of his policy positions, but I believed in the change. More than 3 million people have donated hard earned dollars and cents to Obama's campaign. Not all of them are Democrats and not all of them agree with everything he says. I don't imagine there is a lot of disposable income to go around in today's economy. Apparently 3 million people decided that donating to Obama is not a want but a need. Montana newspapers report that Obama has 14,000 volunteers in the state. That is 1 volunteer for every 70 Montanans and about 2% of all registered Montana voters. That is not voting against George Bush. That is commitment to the greatness of this country and the possibility of a better tomorrow.Which is why he must win. I fear that if he does not win, some of my dreams for our country and for our world might not be possible. November 3, 2008 may be the last day of the world in which my friends here in Lawrence, some with bachelors degrees and some with masters degrees, must work two jobs to pay bills and the last day of the world in which it is possible to go bankrupt from medical bills and the last day of the world in which smart students can't afford to go to college.Obama must win and he must win big. A big win is a repudiation of conservatism of the last eight years. This is not the conservatism that preaches limited government and fiscal responsibility. That conservatism does not exist in today's Republican Party. The conservatism that tortures and forecloses and denies health care to children and sits idly by while a great city drowns must be defeated completely by a big Obama win. More importantly, a big Obama win signals a true mandate for real, positive change. Not a narrow, one state victory. Something like 350 electoral votes. Then we can move forward.To everyone seeking a better world, let November 3 be the end of the old word and November 4 be the beginning of a great new world.http://worldonline.media.clients.ellingtoncms.com/img/blogs/entry_img/2008/Nov/03/DSCN4399.JPG


malehrman 9 years ago

Thank you David. I am confident that we will exhale tomorrow.

David Lignell 9 years ago

Matt,Well said. I am hopeful a lot of people will collectively exhale Wednesday morning after 8 long years of poverty and shame.

Dale Stringer 9 years ago

I was listening to MadCow on the radio this morning. He played a clip from Obama to where he called for a national police force that was just as powerful as the military. Wow! If this really came from Obama, then it proofs he is not a socialist, he is a Nazi. National police + military power = Gestapo

ReadingSports 9 years ago

Let's have a "Brave New World!"Soma, Soma, Soma...And what's a thoughtful, intelligent, respectful discussion without Clint?

Boeing 9 years ago

Calling Obama a Nazi? Wow...new low on this forum!

Catbacker 9 years ago

"November 3, 2008 may be the last day of the world in which my friends here in Lawrence, some with bachelors degrees and some with masters degrees, must work two jobs to pay bills." Perhaps your friends should: a). Go where good-paying jobs are, b). Reduce their bills, or...c). Get better degrees .

bad_dog 9 years ago

"This blog is such idiotic drivel I don't even know what to say." b3Nevertheless, it didn't prevent you from posting an observation regarding other posters' "cluelessness". Why are you even wasting the bandwidth given your "amazement"? Trust me, we "Obamatrons" will run with the ball-for a long, long time. You can thank us later.

beatrice 9 years ago

zb: "News flash:they are the same as everyone else but decided to work harder to get more."Yes, it is just so obvious that Paris Hilton works harder for her money than, oh, say your average farmer. Who cares if a farmer might get up at the crack of dawn and work until after the sun sets seven days a week. By golly, for Paris it was hard to walk that red carpet -- with those flashbulbs, she could have tripped!Yes, money stays within families. A miniscule fraction of truly wealthy people in this country earned it through hard work of their own (people like the self-made Barack Obama, although rich, wouldn't qualify to be truly wealthy) -- most just have it passed down, and live and operate in tight circles formed through years of established relationships, often promoted through private and expensive colleges. If you don't believe me, then just consider our sitting President, George W. Bush. Would he have achieved much had he not been a Bush? Some people want to wish that the wealthy are all wealthy through hard work, because that makes their own hard work seem like it just might pay off big some day. Well time to wake up. It also isn't "hard" work, but rather intelligent work for those who make it on their own. Consider the fact that those who live off of dividend income -- living off of the money paid through the ownership of stock alone -- pay a much lower tax burden than those who live off of the sweat of their brow. Think on that one for just a minute. Then consider that a major tax cut was given to the wealthy during a time of war! The deficit has grown, the debt has ballooned, and you want to come to the rescue of the wealthy!?! OMG! Simply, OMFG!

proudpapa 9 years ago

Matt,Hang on to your hopes and dreams. We are entering a new age of social consciousness and action that's been years in the making. The extremism of the Republican Party was an outgrowth and reaction to the issues of the 60's and now a new generation is needed to bring our country back to its core principles and to take a respected place at the international table. The world needs leadership from your generation and people like you. Use it responsibly so that another extreme Republican reaction does not occur. It will not be an easy path as many will fight to retain a house of fear. Stay true to your heart and beliefs. I couldn't be more proud of who you are and what your future holds and I'll always be there to help and cheer for you along the way.With love,Your dad

SMe 9 years ago

"To everyone seeking a better world, let November 3 be the end of the old word and November 4 be the beginning of a great new world."I'm afraid you'll get your "great new world" and I'm also afraid of what awaits us in it.

Dale Stringer 9 years ago

"A vote for Barack Obama will change the world because he is an intelligent, thoughtful man who will..." ...bring the US from the far, far right to the far, far left. For the six months that we are at the middle ground of this swing, which would be the 18-24 month from now, things will be good. Then things will get just as bad again.That is just how the Dems work. They will be able to come together just long enough to take over and turn things their way. Then they will splinter, fragment, start in-fighting, etc.

Rex Russell 9 years ago

Vote.... Hope.......and then pray. Hard.

ReadingSports 9 years ago

Wow, you really believe this tripe?Kool-aid Kook-aid, lovely, lovely Kook-aid.Obama says "vote for me, I'll heal your soul"....

mjc 9 years ago

MattAs I read your article I can't help but cross my fingers in hope. Hope for my children, hope for the children of the world, hope for their children. Somehow in the greed that has comsumed our country we have forgotten to peer into the future as to what we are leaving to the next generation.Our current administration has sent us spiraling into an abyss that we have not yet seen the bottom. We need Obama to win so that our children and theirs can look up and smile and see a better day.Love always, Nence--your proud Mom

zbarf 9 years ago

Clint...some reasons I cam up with.If you believe:In Socialism (nationalized health care, distribution of wealth) = Vote DemocratIn Capitalism (private enterprise, individual responsibility) = Vote RepublicanThat the war on terror is a failure (Bring our troops home) = Vote DemocratThat we are winning the war on terror (No USA attacks in 7 years) = Vote RepublicanThat life begins at birth = Vote DemocratThat live begins at conception = Vote RepublicanIf you are a Liberal = Vote DemocratIf you are a Conservative = Vote RepublicanIf you are an Independent = Look at the above list and make your choice

zbarf 9 years ago

ClintYou say "upper-class" as if some mysterious group of people that got that way by unscrupulous means.News flash...they are the same as everyone else but decided to work harder to get more. They should in no way be punished or looked down on for this accomplishment.I am for everyone to have the opportunity to succeed or fail. If you don't have the failures, what is the motivation to succeed? No excluded class, just individuals that have the choice to work hard or not.Hey...if you disagree with my "economic" philosophy, do this homework. Look at the statistics of the socialist European countries and compare them to our productivity, unemployment, etc. I will take a strong capitalist model any day over a "distribute the wealth" philosophy.PS. You are correct...Conservative Mouthpieces are echoing what I/We feel (thus the name).

Trobs 9 years ago

I could go into the race card easily. Too many of my friends are voting based on Obama's race, and not his platform. Happens I guess. McCain and Obama supporters alike are drowning in the Kool-Aid. No one is willing to acknowledge they are.In a recently "discussion" with a friend of mine who is an Obama supporter, I asked her to explain his tax cuts. She proceeded to rattle off the upper tax bracket increase line and said the words change and hope at least 3 times. No lie. When I tried to explain to her he is actually giving tax "credits" not cuts to the middle class, she yelled at me and said I didn't know what I was talking about. I've had the same experience talking about Sarah Palin. Plain and simple. Both major party candidates have problems. The supporters refuse to review the issues before them and instead fall into a state of denial. Their candidate can do no wrong. It's sad we elect people in that manner.

BigPrune 9 years ago

A vote for Obama is a vote for a Socialist dictator. Let's see how the American people respond in this election.

jonas_opines 9 years ago

"To everyone seeking a better world, let November 3 be the end of the old word and November 4 be the beginning of a great new world."Not too fond of "great."Let's have a "Brave New World!"

Boeing 9 years ago

Wow Clint, really, the race card? I am from a city with a large African-American and overall minority population, Los Angeles, so don't pull the race card on me, I am far from anything resembling a racist. I voted for the person who I thought would make my life better. The fact is, I do NOT know this election will change a darn thing. Obama may run around saying that word a lot, but we won't know for a while if he can actually pull it off. Nor do I know if McCain can change a darn thing...we could be, and likely are, in more trouble than one guy can pull us out of. The reason I do not state WHY I voted for McCain is because it's none of your or anyone but my business, in my eyes. But fine, want one reason? I work in the aerospace defense industry...odds are, I will be more successful under McCain, just like folks who work in the solar energy industry, for example, would be more successful under Obama and thus likely vote for him. Oh but wait, I'll probably get hammered by you and others on here for working in the defense industry, right? I can handle it.

beatrice 9 years ago

Wow. While I support Obama and he is my clear choice to win, I actually find myself agreeing with Boeing on the rational of his argument against this blog. I had the same general feeling when I read it. From the article: "I won't rehash every issue because I am not interested in debating with McCain supporters. I think McCain supporters are willfully ignoring what is happening in the world." Okay. However, that really is the same as saying, "I'm right and you are wrong, so why bother debating about it." That isn't an argument that is open to further discussion. Either you agree or you do not. Boeing has a valid point. And can we please have a moratorium on accusing all Obama supporters of drinking "Kool-Aid." Bill O'Reilly has already beaten you to it. Besides, it isn't like we keep saying that all McCain supporters are drinking "Ensure."

Alia Ahmed 9 years ago

Matt,Thanks for the this thoughtful blog. I look forward to a more peaceful country and world. I too am ready for the first day of the rest of my life in a better world. Not that I believe one person could accomplish this alone, but if Obama is our next president, it will be because millions of us have regained hope.

alm77 9 years ago

"Warren Buffet and Paul Volcker do not endorse socialists."I'm quoting you for my tag-line today. Great truth!!

notjustastudent 9 years ago

I love your optimism, and wish I could share it. The problem is that you "don't see" how it is possible for McCain to win, just as McCain supporters "don't see" how Obama could win. I have been told by many not to worry, that "it will all be over soon." Sorry, but this thing aint over til it's over, regardless of who wins. We face years and years of an uphill battle, and I we haven't even stopped falling to the bottom yet. The world will not end today, tommorow, or the day after, regardless of who gets elected or how they get elected. Saying that this will be the end is like saying all republicans, or all democrats, or all anybody, will simply disappear when the opposite side succeeds. We need optimism, yes, but I think most have that already. What we really need is for everyone to stay grounded, to keep going, and to NEVER forget our past mistakes, failures, triumphs, etc. not stick their fingers in their ears (so to speak) and imagine it never was.

jonas_opines 9 years ago

"If you are an Independent = Look at the above list and make your choice"No thanks. I found your list to be hopelessly simplified, way too short, and leaving way too many things out. Maybe the problem is the fact that your list has 3 issues, synopsized poorly into one sentence sound-bites, and one party-ideology linkage with many, many holes in it.

Trobs 9 years ago

"November 3, 2008 may be the last day of the world in which my friends here in Lawrence, some with bachelors degrees and some with masters degrees, must work two jobs to pay bills"Seriously. I have no degree. I make more then enough to keep myself and my wife afloat. Of course, I don't have $50,000 in student loans.Zbarf - You are right. The socialist leaning countries of Europe are no better off then we are. In fact, Europe's economy is doing MUCH worse then ours.

Flap Doodle 9 years ago

Highjinks up north:"UPDATE 4:40 p.m. MondayPhilip Busse, the St. Olaf College professor who admitted to stealing campaign signs in a national political blog read by millions, has resigned.St. Olaf spokesman David Gonnerman issued the following statement Monday afternoon:"The St. Olaf College administration first learned of Phil Busse's self-admitted theft and destruction of campaign signs on the morning of Oct. 31 as a result of his posting on the Internet. "The St. Olaf administration immediately referred the matter to local law enforcement authorities and commenced an investigation of its own. "Mr. Busse has tendered his resignation and is no longer affiliated with St. Olaf College. "http://www.northfieldnews.com/news.php?viewStory=46456

lawthing 9 years ago

If the vote of the people could really determine the winner of the election then no doubt Obama would win.Unfortunately and to the shock of many Americans, it is the electorial votes that will ultimately decide the winner.Bush was not voted in by the people, He did not win by the popular vote, he won because of the electorial votes. Which I have read were actually rigged by a computer scientist, but the whole conspiracy has been covered up.

Calliope877 9 years ago

Boeing (Anonymous) says: "You don't want to debate with McCain supporters? In that case, don't write an article attacking us and calling us ignorant, please. Don't dish it if you can't take it."I've read this blog twice, and no where in it did the author call McCain supporters "ignorant" or "attack" them. Unless I missed something, all the author said about McCain supporters was "I think McCain supporters are willfully ignoring what is happening in the world. That is completely fine and not illegal in any way and they have every right to ignore the world, but there are real problems that need to be addressed today that have been avoided for the last eight years." I realize the words "ignoring" and "ignorant" have the same first five letters, but they are two different words.

Boeing 9 years ago

I have my reasons for voting for McCain that I will keep to myself for now, but I believe my vote was rational, just like everyone believes their vote was rational. Lets just say it has nothing to do with Socialism or the conceived future of such which I truly believe one man canNOT change, even with a Democratic Congress. You don't want to debate with McCain supporters? In that case, don't write an article attacking us and calling us ignorant, please. Don't dish it if you can't take it.

zbarf 9 years ago

Clint...I dumbed it down just for you into three simple terms.Both Buffet and Powell have an agenda, if you can't see that then you are the true ignoramus.What does "spread the wealth" mean to you? To me, it means socialism and you should be brave enough to admit that you agree with some socialist policies. Just as I believe that going to Iraq was the only way to fight terror for the long term. Will it work...time will tell but so far so good.

bearded_gnome 9 years ago

matt,you really do yourself a disservice to resort to saying that those who support McCain/Palin are willfully ignoring things. you are willfully ignoring Obama's plans: to raise the price of electricity; form a civilian national security force (and you guys carp about the Patriot Act?); his plans to punish people who work hard by "spreading their wealth around." in two years, if Obama does half of what he promises, we will have a ruined economy, general disapproval of obama and the dems, and a great opportunity for the republicans to take back both houses of Congress! indeed, Matt you are no better than Obama supporters who say that the only reason we oppose him is due to racism. couple of posters have pulled that very tired card outa the deck. some white liberals are voting for Obama because he is black! Matt, your blog does nothing to really communicate anything, except to depict the incredibly crazy hopes you and others have pinned on Obama. your friends won't have to work two jobs? why, because Obama will give them money? Obama's policies will certainly increase joblessness. ***and, we have very good rationale for supporting McCain. Zbarf did a good job listing some. I could easily list ten more without a sweat. however, the Bible tells me not to cast my pearls before swine.

bearded_gnome 9 years ago

http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=80036none of the far-left sites covering and spinning this have disputed the basic facts. black panthers were at the Phil-PA polling place, perhaps others. also in the story linked above the black panthers said they would do this! so, Gallina, take a look at my very extensive posting history. you will never find anything I posted which I believed to be untrue. you, on the other hand simply call someone a lyer for disagreeing with you. you may wish to change how you behave if you want people to take you seriously. ask some of your far-left brethren about my history. ask Aggie what happened when he got gutter on me, and then in the article about world wide hunger he was bombarded with articles supporting my position, literally several dozen. oddly, he never returned to that article in april. if you really want me to, I can find boatloads of documentation for what I've posted and you've disputed.

Ronda Miller 9 years ago

I would comment here but I believe gnome and Zbarf did a better job than I would have done.McCain didn't lose; he won huge. He is an incredible American hero who will leave a wonderful legacy of service behind. I am thrilled his mother was with him to stand beside him on such an evening. She had a lot to be proud of. We all have a lot to be proud of. As for now we follow McCain's lead and help Obama in every step that we do or can agree with - prochoice is not one of them for me....

workin2hard 9 years ago

Beware of what you ask for you just might get it. Well the People asked for change now they are going to get it. Hope its the change you wanted if not your going to choke on it.

Jeff Barclay 9 years ago

India, democracy, and the caste system. Hmmm. Good to know you are getting advice from someone in the know. Why is your friend here, rather than in India? I thought Bush was in trouble for pushing democracy upon the previously happy Iraqi people? Face it, people did not like Bush because he was pro-liife and in favor of traditional marriage. The anit-war argument is a smoke screen. If anti-Bush crowd loved people so much they would also love the unborn. If Obama stays true to his word our soldiers will only be shifted to Afganistan...

kansasplains 9 years ago

Thanks for a great article. Lawrence

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