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TruthKUMC 7 years ago

 From Barbara Atkinson's broadcast email ("Checking in"), we can learn that she is a HUGE LIAR.

 For example, she said in this broadcast that "When it comes to the hiring and evaluation of department chairs, we follow a rigorous yearly evaluation process. I am saddened by false claims being made by anonymous individuals about tenure recommendations.An untrue rumor like this devalues the promotion of each of the faculty members who earned tenure." This is to claim that Dolph was lying when he pointed out in the Saturday news article that "Chairmen of various medical school departments say the school’s promotions and tenure committee denied tenure for nine faculty last year, and the dean overturned eight of the nine decisions. They say most faculty won’t run for faculty governance committees or, if they do, they don’t attend meetings because it is “the dean’s way or the highway.”

 Who is actually lying? This is the real question.

 On May 27th, 2010, The chair of the Promotion and Tenure Committee, Dr. Louis H. Wetzel, who served the committee for 25 years, resigned from his position. In his letter to Barbara Atkinson (on behalf of 22 faculty, and also cc'd Drs. Robert Klein, Allen Rawitch, Gary Gronseth, Bernadette Gray-Little, and Donna Sweet), he wrote the following:
 "... As you know we recommended non promotion and/or tenure for faculty, and you reversed the committee's recommendations in 8 of those 9 faculty.... The committee is well aware that all faculty committees according to bylaws are "advisory" and the Dean has the authority to make the final decision. However, in light of the nearly complete reversal, it seems that there was little balanced consideration for the collective decisions of the faculty committee - and for our effort to maintain high academic standards. We believe that the promotion of some of these individuals will almost certainly decrease the expectations for aspiring young faculty and untimately result in decrease in overall academic standard. Furthermore, should this trend continue, it will become increasingly difficult to find faculty to serve on the Promotion and Tenure committee since it will be perceived as superfluous. ... As chief executive you must do what you perceive best for the institution. As chair of the faculty promotion and tenure committee, I must also do what I believe is best for the School and faculty. Therefore, I must hereby formally resign from the committee as a result of the profound discordance in the committee's considered recommendation and your final decisions." It is not hard to get the original document to prove the validity of the content, since this letter has been distributed to many faculty members.

TruthKUMC 7 years ago

Dean Barbara Atkinson, you have been lying all along. Now you lied to the public by broadcasting your lie. Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little, do you want a liar to lead the KUMC? Faculty, staff, students, postdocs, and alumni, do we want a liar to lead the KUMC?

In Gray-Little's broadcast email, we learnt already that Barbara Atkinson wanted to get rid of Klaassen. But the REAL QUESTION is: when will Gray-Little fire Barbara Atkinson?

 We want this liar, Barbrara Atkinson, to get out of way of KU's mission towards excellence. What she did and said were not consistent, and her actions were absolutely not ethical.

KUfaculty 7 years ago

I agree, if the Dean lies to people, she should not be trusted with her leadership. It seems that there is a hidden "Water Gate scandal" in KUMC. Dolph please dig in deeper at it. If it is proved that the Dean is not honest, it seems to me that she needs to be removed immediately.

Freeelectron 7 years ago

Freedom of speech seems to be something in jeopardy around here. People have died and still die around the world to be free to express themselves without being jailed or killed. Well, in this country, you get fired.... Where is our Free world? what is it becoming...? Not so free anymore. Come on people, voice your opinions, join LJW, it's anonymous, don't be scared to say what you want. Participate to this forum.

Freeelectron 7 years ago

The letter giving the names of the Faculty that got demoted is true and for most of them there were no obvious reasons. It's hard to believe that they all behaved badly and that they were disrespectful of the Dean. Don't forget what has been going on in the past few years. The salary recovery plan that got everybody fired up against the Dean. Have most of you already forgotten about that plan because in the end it got kinda buried? As for evidence, people should upload on this website as documents the letters and other communications they would like to share with us. Some have already done so. http://www2.ljworld.com/documents/2011/apr/29/kumc-faculty-talking-points/ This was the talking points of the faculty that met with the Chancellor early 2010 http://www2.ljworld.com/documents/2011/apr/29/chancellor-gray-littles-letter-barbara-atkinson/ This is the letter from the Chancellor to the Dean in August in response to the meeting she had with the concerned KUMC faculty. Has anything changed so far? A few meetings between the Dean and The Faculty happened following that letters but nothing really changed in the end. So, please read them and you will see that the problems are not just about the recent case of Curt Klaassen but started way before that on so many different levels. One good and simple solution would be that the Dean starts listening to her Faculty, but so far even after the letter from the Chancellor it has not happened yet.

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