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What a Week This Has Been!


It used to be that the end of July brought lazy, hot days with a dearth of eventful news. Not this year.This week, we've had one country invade another (Russia invaded Georgia - not the southern state despite what you may secretly want - but the Black Sea republic), the quadrennial Olympics opened in China (who would have thought of this 30 years ago during the Cultural Revolution?), and Alexander Solzhenitsyn passed away (two time Nobel prize winner, literature and Peace, and truly a great man of the later 20th Century).But, it is also important to recognize the little statement and victory made by the American athletes who went to the Olympics. They select, by themselves, who should be the flag bearer in the opening ceremonies. The selection usually reflects admiration and respect among the athletes. This year, they selected Lopez Lomong. He was one of the 'Lost Boys', a refugee from Sudan's genocide who lost his parents, and wandered to a refugee camp in Kenya for a decade. He became an American citizen last year. He is a member of Team Darfur, a coalition of athletes who advocate action to stop the genocide in Darfur.In a country where image and public insult matter far more than in the U.S., this is a truly laudable act by the athletes. It may not go noticed by China (unlikely), but it most probably will be white-washed by Chinese officials. Will this herald a great policy change, not likely. Nevertheless, sometimes the small victories count as much as the large ones.


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