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About Tuesday Night


Just a few assorted thoughts after Tuesday's Kansas Primary Election. * If you want an outstanding synopsis of What It All Means, go read Nick Sloan's winners and losers. * Everyone blew Lynn Jenkins' possibility of victory. * Early in the results, WIBW-TV's analyst kept talking about some magical "rural Kansas votes" what would save Runnin' Jim Ryun's track spikes against the Energizer Bunny Jenkins. Seems like a pretty silly statement now. Jenkins lead all night. * The Wacky Right took a shot to the head. Sexfree Phill Kline over in Johnson County got zonked as did the aforementioned Runnin' Jim. Eric Rucker, however, remains the Spawn of Phill in Shawnee County. * WIBW-TV had about fifteen ways it was covering the primary election-TV, streaming video, Twitter, website, blogs, live chat, live updates from the Kansas Secretary of State's Office. Well done! They are way, way ahead of the curve in election coverage options. * I'm going to be sad to see Sexfree Phill go. He is good for Kansas Watch traffic and just so much fun to needle. Looks like more posts on Fred Phelps and pray that Eric Rucker quits sounding so darn reasonable like he did last night on WIBW. Jim Ryun will be missed to but he just didn't lend himself to as much abuse. Have to respect a high schooler who runs a sub-4:00 mile.Now, onward and upward to the General, fellow Sunflowers!For more on Kansas politics, go to Kansas Watch at http://kswatch.squarespace.com


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