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Hillary Tells Her Troops Barack's the Only Choice They Have


http://worldonline.media.clients.ellingtoncms.com/img/blogs/entry_img/2008/Aug/27/2245576555_2cbd56b420.jpgSen. Hillary Clinton gave the best speech of her life last night.She didn't whine about being dissed. She didn't overact. She was sincere. She was magnanimous. She was funny. She was visionary. She was poignant. She didn't talk about herself.And she made it clear beyond all question that she not only will do everything she can to help elect Sen. Barack Obama as President, but she expects her supporters to do the same thing.One of her best lines was that she hoped her supporters weren't just supporting her but helping the three families she mentioned in her speech who were having a tough time making it.This is my take away from her speech:"Dear supporters. If you vote for Sen. John McCain for President you are an idiot. Do you really think it's worth being mad about Barack Obama beating me so we can have four more years of the last eight years and further screw up the country?"If the diehards who supported her don't get it now, they never will. Support Barack and we'll probably win. Don't and we'll lose. Any questions?Now, let's move on to defining McCain and giving Barack and Sen. Joe Biden their time in the sun, ok?Thank you Hillary for doing the classy and right thing. And should things not work out for Barack in 2008, you didn't hurt yourself for 2012.Photo: Hillary Clinton delivering her victory speech at the Manhattan Center Studios, following the New York 2008 primary. (Photo by Angela Radulesuc, used under Creative Commons License)To read more about Kansas political news and views, read Kansas Watch at http://kswatch.squarespace.com


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