Kansas cynic

Garbage collection in Lawrence: Beware changes


I have always admired the curbside trash collection system in Lawrence. It's almost always on time, the trash collectors are hardworking and courteous -- even when their goodwill is tested by over-stuffed bins or bulky items. And, they're quick -- as I understand it -- because they are paid by ...

What's wrong with Kansas University? Apparently, much that is wrong with France.


I was recently enjoying an extended multiple-author "Room for Debate" feature at the New York Times on the topic of why so many scholars from France are moving to the US, manifesting a brain drain of sorts. The discussion can be found at: http://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2010/11/28/why-french-scholars-love-us-colleges. A paragraph in the contribution by ...

Curmudgeonly professor admits that athletics matter!


As anyone who has read my moderately frequent chat board comments can attest (Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?), I am squarely among those curmudgeonly KU professors who think that college athletics has gone over the top in terms of placing money and elite athletic performance above academics and common sense values. KU ...

It's time for shared sacrifice among KU faculty


A faculty colleague at KU recently asked me if I thought there would be any funds for raises next year. “What planet are you living on?” was my reply. The state of Kansas faces a billion dollar budget shortfall for the next fiscal year, and state leaders are debating how ...

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