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The Royals have promoted Eric Hosmer

The Royals stand at 17-14 and occupy second place in the American League Central. They’ve done that while having a first baseman getting on-base at a .295 clip. To try and fill that void, the Royals have promoted top prospect Eric Hosmer from Omaha and optioned Kila Ka’aihue. The big athletic first baseman has been annihilating triple-A pitching for the first month of the season as he’s currently hitting .439/.525/.582 in his first 98 at bats.

The timing of the move is certainly surprising. Kila Ka’ihue was struggling at the plate, but he hit well in his last few games. He’s only been to the plate 96 times this season, which is hardly enough to tell you anything about a player. I’ve been asked a lot lately what I think the Royals should do with Kila, and I’ve been a staunch proponent of giving him more time to prove himself. Lots of great Major Leaguers including some Hall-of-Famers have had terrible starts to their career. A month just isn’t enough to make a judgment. But then the same logic applies for Hosmer – he’s clearly not going to hit .439 for the entire year.

The interesting thing about the move is what it says about the organization and their philosophy. Nobody is surprised that Eric Hosmer is viewed as the future first baseman. What’s shocking is how little time they committed to Kila. Either the Royals have a much smaller sample of games that they think is necessary to evaluate a player or they just viewed him as filler until Hosmer was ready. Since they’ve given so much time to guys like Kyle Davies and Alex Gordon, the latter seems the most likely scenario.

I don’t believe the Royals were in any way hoping for Kila to fail, nor did they think he was destined to fail. Had Kila been successful in his short stint this season, I am certain that he would still be in Kansas City, regardless of how well Eric Hosmer was hitting.

The situation was compounded by the fact that the Royals are in striking distance of first place. My prediction was that the Royals would wait until the All-Star break to decide they were contenders, but in reality they acted much quicker. This move signals that the organization believes this year’s team can stay in contention.

While what’s going on at the top of the division is important, what’s happening at the bottom of the standings may be the deciding factor. Any great team or athlete knows that when their opponent is staggering, it’s time to step on their throat. The Royals might see the Twins, White Sox and even Tigers, as wobbly boxers and Eric Hosmer as the haymaker that can put them on the canvas.

Eric Hosmer is just 21 years old and has only played a month above the double-A level. He’s not going to be able to play the role of haymaker all by himself and luckily, the way the team is hitting right now, he won’t have to. He’ll face a lot of scrutiny and big expectations that come with playing at the highest level, but from everything I know about Hosmer, he’s ready for it.

Regarding the timing, the move was made late enough that this year won’t count as a full season towards Hosmer’s free agency. However, if he remains with the club for the remainder of the season he will likely be eligible for a 4th year of arbitration under the “super two” rule. Translation -- the Royals will likely be spending roughly $10m more dollars on Hosmer before he is a free agent. It signals an organization willing to part with money if they think it benefits the team.

Even though it’s a little early to promote Hosmer, I’m extremely excited for the promotion. I’ve said all along that he probably makes the team better as soon as he’s called up. As for Kila his next shot at the Big Leagues will likely come in another uniform.

In the end, I’m conflicted. Snap judgments on players after a month are something smart baseball teams shouldn’t make a habit of doing. However, it’s promising to see the team make a move they believe in, regardless of the financial implication. The Royals rightfully believe the young prospects of the future will help this team win pennants, and the future starts now.

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Nick Scott is a contributor to Royals Authority and is the host of the Broken Bat Single Royals podcast, you can follow him on Twitter or on Facebook.


Kansas City Royals week in review: 5/2/2011

Last week was an up and down week for the Kansas City Royals. They went 3-3, but got killed in the first three and won the last three. The first series was against the Indians and it pushed the Royals further away from first place. Fortunately, no other teams in the American League Central could win either so they maintained their 2nd place standing. The final three games were against the Minnesota Twins and the Royals stopped their losing skid and remained in striking distance of 1st place after the month of April.


1 Indians

2 Royals -4.5

3 Tigers -7.5

4 White Sox -10.0

5 Twins -10.0

Game 23: Royals 4 @ Indians 9boxscore

Royals starter Luke Hochevar gave up 3 home runs and 6 earned runs over 6.1 innings pitched. The bullpen was no better, giving up 2 home runs themselves to the white-hot Cleveland Indians. The lone bright spot was center fielder Melky Cabrera going 3 for 4 with a home run.

Game 24: Royals 2 @ Indians 7boxscore

Jeff Francis has been a steady force in the starting rotation, but on this night he stumbled. He gave up 5 runs in the bottom of the 1st inning to put the Royals in a hole to start. The Royals were able to score a pair of runs solo home runs from Jeff Francoeur and Mile Aviles in the 2nd inning. The Royals bullpen allowed 0 earned runs in 5 innings, but the offense was never able to score again.

Game 25: Royals 2 @ Indians 8boxscore

In order to avoid being swept in the series and to stop a 5 game losing streak, the Royals needed to take the final game from the Indians. In order to do that they needed a good start from Kyle Davies. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Davies gave up 8 earned runs in 3.1 innings and gave up 4 home runs. The Royals bats were kept quiet for a second straight game with only Matt Treanor collecting multiple hits.

Game 26: Twins 3 @ Royals 4boxscore

After a miserable 0-6 road trip, it seemed as if the season hung in the balance as the Royals returned home. Royals starter Bruce Chen played the role of stopper by throwing 5.1 innings and giving up just 2 earned runs. The play of the game was a sacrifice fly by Alcides Escobar to short left field that allowed speedster Jarrod Dyson to score the go-ahead run in the bottom of the 8th inning. Closer Joakim Soria did his job and the Royals ended their losing skid.

Game 27: Twins 2 @ Royals 11boxscore

Royals starter Sean O’Sullivan didn’t seem sharp, but he was effective. The Twins were only able to scratch two runs through 6 innings. The Royals didn’t do much better against Twins starter Brian Duensing as the Royals carried a slim one-run lead into the bottom of the eighth. Suddenly, the offense exploded as the Royals scored 8 runs and put the game away.

Game 28: Twins 3 @ Royals 10boxscore

Royals infielder Mike Aviles has been hot and he didn’t stop in the finale against the Twins. He went 3 for 5 with a home run and 4 RBI to help the Royals secure the sweep. It was the first time the Royals had swept the Twins in a series of 3 games or more since May 7-10, 1999.

Position player of the week: Billy Butler

Butler hit .333/.440/.667 last week with 4 doubles and a home run. He’s one of the best pure hitters I’ve ever seen play the game, which combined with his age makes me believe he will get to 3,000 hits in his career.

Starting pitcher of the week: Sean O’Sullivan

There weren’t many decent starting pitching performances this week. The best start of the week was one where O’Sullivan seemed to muddle along and allow the Twins baserunners, but no runs. He went 6.0 innings with 1 earned run, 7 walks and 3 strikeouts. If the Royals plan on continuing to compete, they are going to need a better weeks than this out of the rotation.

Relief pitcher of the week: Nate Adcock

For most of April, it seemed like Rule V pitcher Nate Adcock was going to see very sparse action. However this week, he got into two games. He pitched 4.0 innings, gave up no earned runs, struck out 4 and walked only 1.

On the farm:

Vin Mazzaro (RHP) struck out 10 batters in his last start for Omaha (AAA). He has a 4.86 ERA on the season with 22 strikeouts and 13 walks.

Danny Duffy (LHP) hasn’t allowed an run to score in his last three starts for Omaha (AAA). He sports a minuscule 0.90 ERA with 24 strikeouts and only 4 walks.

Mario Lisson (3B) of the Northwest Arkansas Naturals (AA) has caught fire. He’s hitting .310/.453/.786 this season with 6 home runs.

Pitchers Noel Arguelles (LHP) and Michael Mariot (RHP) are piggy backing each other and pitching on the same day in the rotation for the Wilmington Blue Rocks (A+). They’ve presented a formidable duo for opposing hitters. Arguelles has a 1.02 ERA with 15 strikeouts and 1 walk. Mariot has a 0.63 ERA with 15 strikeouts and 4 walks.

In his last 10 games, Brian Fletcher (OF) is hitting .432/.462/.649 for the Kane County Cougars (A-). He’s also stolen 4 based this season.

The week to come:

The Royals homestand continues against the Baltimore Orioles and the Oakland Athletics. If the Royals are going to continue to be contenders, they have to beat teams like these. Neither of them is great, but neither is a pushover either. The schedule in May doesn’t let up either, so grabbing a few wins at home could cushion a rough patch that might be coming.

5/3-5/5 vs Baltimore Orioles

5/6-5/8 vs Oakland Athletics

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Nick Scott is a contributor to Royals Authority and is the host of the Broken Bat Single Royals podcast, you can follow him on Twitter or on Facebook.


Where are the holes in the Kansas City Royals lineup?

Batting order is a popular topic in baseball. Who should bat where, what is the role of a player in a certain slot, should x player be moved down or up and so on. In general, I think that the batting order is over-rated and when I asked Ned Yost about it he agreed. However, there is some merit to the idea of looking closely at the lineup and evaluating it.

So far in this young season, there seems to be a very large split amongst the different portions of the Kansas City Royals lineup. The heart of the order has been hitting well with guys like Alex Gordon, and Billy Butler hitting well. The bottom of the order has been hitting poorly with guys like Alcides Escobar, Matt Treanor and now Kila Ka'aihue struggling.

There are no teams in baseball that have a great hitter at every slot in the lineup, so I imagine there are people gnashing their teeth all over the country at the "black holes" in their own lineups. I wanted to see just how the Royals lineup fared when compared with the rest of the American League. I looked up the offensive numbers for the Royals by lineup position and then subtracted the offensive output of what the entire AL did at that lineup spot and came up with this chart:

I was a bit surprised at how poorly the Royals lead-off hitter compared to the rest of the league. This is the guy who theoretically should be getting on base to setup the hitters below him. However the Royals lead-off guy is getting on base less often than major league average.

As expected, the heart of the lineup is out performing their peers and a very good rate and the bottom of the lineup is under-performing. The real hole in the lineup is the 8th slot, which in general is sound managerial practice. Personally, I like the 9th batter being better than the 8th batter because ideally the good hitters are coming up after him in every inning other than the 1st.

All-in-all, the lower part of the order isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, but there needs to be improvement out of the 8th spot. My takeaway is that the Royals need someone different to lead-off and setup the Alex Gordon and others to drive in more runs.

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Nick Scott is a contributor to Royals Authority and is the host of the Broken Bat Single Royals podcast, you can follow him on Twitter or on Facebook.


Kansas City Royals week in review: 4/25/2011

Last week, the Royals played seven games in seven days. Four of them were against the first place team in the American League Central and the last three were on the road against the defending AL champions. It wasn’t an easy stretch of games and the Royals ended up going 2-5. It started out well with a split versus the Indians, but ended poorly with a sweep at the hands of the Rangers. Even with all of that, the Royals are only a half game further back from 1st place than they were when the week began.


1 Indians

2 Royals -1.5

3 Tigers -1.5

4 Twins -4.0

5 White Sox -5.5

Game 16: Indians 7 @ Royals 3boxscore

Kyle Davies put together his first solid start of the season by going 6 innings and giving up 2 earned runs. More impressively, he struck out 7 and walked none. Neither team was able to put together a big inning and the result was another extra-innings affair for the Royals. Unfortunately, everything unraveled in the 10th when reliever Tim Collins surrendered 4 earned runs in the top of the 10th as the Royals ended up with the loss.

Game 17: Indians 4 @ Royals 5boxscore

Bruce Chen continued to have the magic touch as he threw 7 innings and gave up only 2 earned runs, both of which came in the 7th inning. He left with the lead as the Royals had scored 5 runs across three middle innings thanks to contributions from a number of Royals including the hot Alex Gordon. The bullpen wobbled again, giving up runs in the 8th and 9th innings, but the lead held as the Royals tied the series with the division leading Indians.

Game 18: Indians 7 @ Royals 5boxscore

In one of the more bizarre starts anyone is likely to see, Luke Hochever took a perfect game into the 6th and then gave up 6 earned runs over the next inning plus. He was cruising along at an amazing rate and then just completely and utterly went off the rails. After scoring two runs in the first inning on RBI hits from Gordon and Francoeur, the offense seemed to feel they had enough runs with the way Hochevar was pitching. They finally got back on track by scoring 3 in the 9th, but it was too little, too late.

Game 19: Indians 2 @ Royals 3boxscore

The Royals offense wasn’t able to get much going against Indians starter Josh Tomlin, however once they got him out of the game they put a pair across against closer Chris Perez. Melky Cabrera led the walk-off heroics when Mitch Maier and Alcides Escobar scored on his 9th inning single. Starter Sean O’Sullivan put together a really nice start that allowed the team to stay close until they could finally take the lead.

Game 20: Royals 6 @ Rangers 11boxscore

Tiny ballpark. Strong winds. Power hitting team. All three make a bad combination for Royals pitcher Jeff Francis. Or at least they did on this night. He surrendered 5 runs in 4 innings in the opening game in Arlington. It looked like a game for a brief moment when the Royals exploded for 5 runs due to homeruns by Brayan Pena and Wilson Betemit in the 4th inning to tie the game. Relief pitchers Nate Adcock and Blake Wood then gave up another 5 runs and it all added up to an insurmountable lead for the Royals.

Game 21: Royals 1 @ Rangers 3boxscore

Royals starter Kyle Davies put together his second straight Quality Start by holding the Rangers to 2 earned runs in 6.0 innings. It wasn’t enough to knock off the defending American League champs as the Royals were held to a single run. The lone run came from a KIla Ka’aihue solo homerun. Melky Cabrera collected three hits, but his teammates were unable to get him around to score.

Game 22: Royals 7 @ Rangers 8boxscore

Bruce Chen got another start in a windy stadium and this time he was unable to keep the ball in the park. The Rangers hit three homeruns off of the soft-tossing lefty and they flustered him in a 6 run 5th inning. The Royals, as has been their nature this season, refused to give up though. Mike Aviles hit two homeruns including one in the top of the 9th to bring the Royals within 1 run of the Rangers. Ultimately, it was as close as they got and the Royals lost their first series this season by getting swept in Texas.

Position player of the week: Jeff Francoeur

I almost went with Alex Gordon, but Francoeur hit for more power this week. He hit .320/.414/.680 this week to go along with 3 doubles and 2 homeruns.

Starting pitcher of the week: Kyle Davies

This was a no brainer. He had two starts this week and pitched well in both of them. He threw 12.0 innings with an ERA of 3.00. More impressively, he struck out 10 while walking only 1.

Relief pitcher of the week: Louis Coleman

The kid gets called up from Omaha and immediately proved that he belonged. He threw 3.0 innings, struck out 3, walked 1 and gave up no earned runs.

On the farm

Clint Robinson (1B) went 12 for 26 last week with 5 walks and 2 homeruns for the Omaha Storm Chasers (AAA). He’s hitting .397/.486/.778 on the season.

Danny Duffy (LHP) threw 4.1 scoreless in his start this week. He currently has 16 strikeouts to 4 walks on the season to compliment his 1.29 ERA for the Storm Chasers.

The Northwest Arkansas Naturals (AA) only played four games this week due to some inclement weather. However Mario Lisson (3B) went 4 for 10 with 2 homeruns and two walks.

Jake Odorizzi (RHP) who was brought over in the Zack Greinke trade has really turned it on. In his last start, he went 6.0 innings while fanning 10 and walking only 1.

The week to come

The Royals get another shot at the first place Cleveland Indians, but this time it’s on the road. It’s a three game series, so there’s no way that this one ends in a tie. After that, it’s back home to face the suddenly resurgent Minnesota Twins who have won 6 of their last 8 games.

4/26-4/28 @ Cleveland Indians

4/29-5/1 vs Minnesota Twins

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Nick Scott is a contributor to Royals Authority and is the host of the Broken Bat Single Royals podcast, you can follow him on Twitter or on Facebook.


Louis Coleman has been promoted to the Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals have promoted right handed relief pitcher Louis Coleman from the Omaha Storm Chasers (AAA) to the Major League. In order to keep the roster at 25, they optioned right handed reliever Kanekoa Texeira to AAA. The Royals had also been sitting on a 39 man active roster and now Coleman makes in an even 40.

Coleman throws the ball with a low arm-slot somewhere betweeen 3/4 and side-arm. In 2010, he posted a 2.23 ERA for Omaha in 40.1 innings averagining 10.9 strikeouts every 9 innings. He's logged 7.0 innings this year in AAA with a 3.86 ERA anda 4.0 strikeout to walk ratio.

Kanekoa Texeira seemed to be pitching well for the Royals when he was called upon out of the pen. He's pitched 6.1 innings with a 2.84 ERA. However in that time he hadn't struck out a single batter. If he was going to keep that up, it was only a matter of time before he gave up a bunch of runs.

Greg Schaum at Pine Tar Press posted a couple of videos of Louis Coleman to YouTube. I've posted them below for your viewing pleasure. What do you think of the callup?

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Nick Scott is a contributor to Royals Authority and is the host of the Broken Bat Single Royals podcast, you can follow him on Twitter or on Facebook.


Giving Kila Ka’aihue more time could hurt the team but help the organization

In baseball there are two words to describe a ball-club: team and organization. While they are often used interchangeable, they typically refer to different things. The team consists of the players at the Major League level in the span of one season. The organization is every player at every level of baseball under the franchise banner, the front office, the management, the future and everything that goes along with it. The goal of a team is to win as many games as possible this year. The goal of an organization is to put together teams that can win as many games as possible.

Typically the goals of a team and an organization are identical, but often they are at odds. For example, in 2010 the Royals traded Scott Podsednik to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Elisaul Pimentel and Luke May. Podsednik was a productive player for the Royals in 2010. While he made the team better and could have helped them win more games in 2010, his best value to the organization was as trade bait. Adding young, cost-controlled Minor League talent was a boost to the organization in the long-run at the expense of the team in the short run.

The vast majority of baseball fans are fans of the team, not necessarily the organization. They obviously want the organization to do well and to create winning teams, but for them the forest can be lost for the trees. There is nothing inherently wrong with these kinds of fans.

Keeping up with an organization is not easy. It requires knowledge of the Minor League system, the draft, options, waivers, arbitration, salaries and a million other things. I like keeping up and understanding all of that, but I can certainly understand the viewpoint of someone who doesn’t. Most people just want to watch some baseball games and root on the home team. For them, trying to figure out whether Elisaul Pimentel was a decent return for Scott Podsednik is a waste of time and energy. They know that Podsednik was valuable, he’s gone and therefore it’s a bad move. And they are 100% correct in terms of their own baseball perspective.

All of this brings me to Kila Ka’aihue. To say he’s hitting poorly is the understatement of the year. The topic of what to do with him is on everybody’s mind. It’s exacerbated by the fact that the Royals are currently in contention for the American League Central.

Here, we have another situation where the best interest of the team is possibly at odds with the best interest of the organization. If Kila continues to struggle, his lack of offense hurts the team’s chances of winning games. Fans see his lack of production and they see guys like Clint Robinson and Eric Hosmer playing well at AAA. In a simple 1+1=2 scenario, you replace the guy hitting poorly with the guy who is hitting well. It’s a knee-jerk reaction based on trying to win more games this week, and in that context it’s absolutely correct.

I think it’s certainly possible that promoting Clint Robinson or Eric Hosmer has a decent chance of helping this team win more games in the short term. On the flip-side, I think it’s the wrong decision from an organizational standpoint. The fact that the Royals keep running him out there leads me to believe they agree with me.

Kila has nothing to prove at AAA anymore. All that’s left is for him to prove that he belongs at the Major League level, and it’s in the Royals best interest for that to happen. His track record in the Minors shows a guy who has prodigious power and an uncanny ability to get on base. Those are hard skills to come by and if they can surface at the highest level, he will be valuable to the organization. That value can come as depth or in trade, but make no mistake it’s extremely valuable.

Now, the goal of the Organization is to have winning teams. So if this team continues winning and there is a greater chance that they can become division champions, things will change. Then the goals of the team will coincide with the goals of the franchise. It’s at that time where benching a struggling player like KIla and promoting a guy like Eric Hosmer is more likely to happen. In statistical terms, the length of Kila’s leash is inversely proportional to the expectations the team has of winning the division.

As fans, we get to over-react, second-guess and believe that our team is going to the playoffs. It’s exactly what makes being a fan so much fun. However, there are times where the needs of the organization out-weigh the needs of a team. Allowing Kila a few more months to figure things out might be one of those times. The payoff in the end just might be a better team in the future.

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Nick Scott is a contributor to Royals Authority and is the host of the Broken Bat Single Royals podcast, you can follow him on Twitter or on Facebook.


The Importance of the Royals Series with the Indians

As Royals fans, we are not used to watching a team have success. We’re constantly waiting for that other shoe to fall. We’re absolutely sure that the edge of the cliff is just around the corner. A couple of decades of losing baseball has that effect. However, when the team is on a roll, particularly to begin a season we can find ourselves thrilled at the prospect of “important games”.

Yes, we all know that it’s not even May. Yes, we know that the odds that the Royals will actually compete for the Division Title is still small. That shouldn’t stop us from enjoying what we have now for as long as it lasts.

The Cleveland Indians come to town tonight to start a four game series at Kauffman Stadium. The Royals trail those same Indians by 1 game in the American League Central standings. This is by far the most important series the Royals have played this season. It got me wondering when the last time the Royals played a intra division series with this much importance at home.

In 2010, the Royals started losing right out of the gate. The opening series against the Detroit Tigers was likely the most meaningful games played the entire season. This series is already significantly more important than any played last year.

2009 however, was a different story. The Royals got off to a hot start by winning 3 of their first 5 series. On April 24th, they were sitting at 8-7 and in a three-way tie for first place with Detroit and Chicago. They were also beginning a three-game set with Detroit at Kauffman Stadium. That sounds eerily similar to the situation the Royals find themselves in tonight.

The Royals ended up losing that series 2-1 and relinquishing their grip on first place. It wasn’t the end of their run though. They went on to win 9 of their next 11 games and subsequently took a 3 game lead in the division. Unfortunately, that represented the high-water mark for the 2009 team as they ended up with an overall record of 65-97.

There are a lot of things to take away from that series in April of 2009. Success can be fleeting, so enjoy it while it lasts, especially if it’s unlikely to continue. April is very early in the season; things can change dramatically over the course of the months to follow. And while this is the most important home series so far this season, it doesn’t seal the fate one way or the other for 2011. Having so much of the season still to come dampens the importance of this series with the Indians, but with so much still unknown we can still believe.

Enjoy these games; they might be the most important games of the season. I’d love to see a playoff like atmosphere at Kauffman Stadium. Who knows? If things break right, there just might be more of them.

Nick Scott is a contributor to Royals Authority and is the host of the Broken Bat Single Royals podcast, you can follow him on Twitter or on Facebook.


Royals Week In Review and Preview - 4/18/2011

The Royals had a great week this week. They went 4-2, but it wasn’t enough to overtake the scorching hot Cleveland Indians. Something will have to give as the Indians make their way to Kauffman stadium for a four game set starting tonight in a battle for first place in the American League Central. If you’d have told me before the season that I’d write that last sentence at any point this season, I’d have said you were completely crazy. This is going to be one very interesting week.


1 Indians

2 Royals -1.0

3 White Sox -4.0

4 Tigers -4.5

5 Twins -6.0

Game 10: Royals 3 @ Twins 4 - boxscore

The Royals started their season series with the Minnesota Twins by dropping a game in extra innings. Offseason free agent acquisition Jeff Francis put together another fine start, but the Royals offense couldn’t score enough runs on his behalf. Reliever Robinson Tejeda was unable to get anyone out in the bottom of the tenth and gave up the winning run.

Game 11: Royals 10 @ Twins 5boxscore

Sitting at an even 2-2, the Royals needed to win the final game with the Twins to come home with a winning road trip. They did just that by scoring 7 runs on Twins starter Francisco Liriano. Mike Aviles busted out of his slump by going 2 for 4 with 2 doubles and 3 RBI. The bullpen kept up their dominance by throwing 4 innings of shutout ball to pick up starter Kyle Davies.

Game 12: Mariners 1 @ Royals 5 - boxscore

Bruce Chen threw 8 scoreless innings in the opening game of the series with the Seattle Mariners. It was all the Royals needed in a rain shortened game. Wilson Betemit hit his first homerun of the season while Alex Gordon collected a double and two RBI in the game.

Game 13: Mariners 5 @ Royals 6 - boxscore

Starter Luke Hochevar threw 7 scoreless innings to earn his title as number 1 starter for the Royals in game 2 of the series with the Mariners. Jeff Francoeur and Billy Butler each collected 3 hits to propel the Royals to a 5 run lead going into the top of the 8th. The Royals bullpen, which had been the strength of the team wobbled as Blake Wood, Tim Collins and Joakim Soria then surrendered 4 runs in 2 innings. However, the Mariners came up a run short as the Royals ended up taking the game.

Game 14: Mariners 0 @ Royals 7 - boxscore

The pitching matchup of Mariners Cy Young winner Felix Hernandez and the Royals Sean O’Sullivan looked like a mismatch, however things turned out a bit different. O’Sullivan threw 5 scoreless while Royals touched up Martinez for 2 runs. The Royals bullpen held the Mariners scoreless for the final four frames and tacked on some insurance runs in the 8th for a series win.

Game 15: Mariners 3 @ Royals 2 - boxscore

Alex Gordon hit in his 11th straight game, but the offense could not quite figure out Mariners pitcher Michel Pineda. Another solid start by Jeff Francis was wasted as the Mariners kept the Royals to only scoring 2 runs. They had opportunities late in the game to win, but couldn’t convert.

Position Player of the Week: Alex Gordon

Alex Gordon hit .381/.381/.524 this week and is riding a career long 11 game hitting streak. He also made a number of great defensive plays and seemed to be the heart of nearly every scoring rally this week.

Starting Pitcher of the Week: Luke Hochevar

The starting pitching was the key this week and there were a number of solid outings put together. Bruce Chen and Jeff Francis would have also been fine choices. However, I'm going with Luke Hochevar. He only allowed a single hit over 7 innings of work in his start this week.

Relief Pitcher of the Week: Jeremy Jeffress

He gave up no earned runs in 4 innings this week and notched his first career save.

On The Farm

Top prospect Mike Montgomery (LHP) threw 10 innings over 2 starts last week for the Storm Chasers (AAA) and didn’t give up a run. He has a 3.00 ERA and has 14 strikeouts to 10 walks this season.

Eric Hosmer (1B) went 10 for 26 last week for the Storm Chasers (AAA). He’s currently hitting .409 on the season with a homerun and 2 doubles.

Jeff Bianchi (SS) has hit in 8 straight games and went 9 for 24 this week for the Naturals (AA).

Rey Navarro (2B) continued his torrid hitting this week for the Blue Rocks (A+). He went 11 for 24 this week and is hitting .500/.526/.806 on the season.

Tim Melville (RHP) started one game this week and he threw a gem. He went 6 innings, struck out 7 and walked only one for the Blue Rocks (A+)

The Week to Come

In the biggest home series in at least two years, the first place Cleveland Indians come to Kansas City and the Division lead is on the line. The Royals will need to take three out of four in order to have sole possession of first place. Then the Royals head to Texas to take on the defending American League Champion Texas Rangers.

4/18-4/21 vs Cleveland Indians

4/22-4/24 @ Texas Rangers

Nick Scott is a contributor to Royals Authority and is the host of the Broken Bat Single Royals podcast, you can follow him on Twitter or on Facebook.


Royals Week In Review and Preview - 4/11/2011

Two weeks are in the books now for the Kansas City Royals and things are still looking good. They split a short two game series with the Chicago White Sox and subsequently won their first road series in Detroit against the Tigers. It wasn’t enough to hold onto first place though, as the Cleveland Indians were just a bit better than the Royals this week.

There's still a long way to go in the 2011 season, but it's ok to go ahead and enjoy the winning now. It's not unfathomable that it can continue. Are you a believer or still skeptical?


1 Indians

2 Royals -1.0

3 White Sox -1.0

4 Tigers -4.0

5 Twins -4.0

Game 5: White Sox 6 @ Royals 7boxscore

The White Sox took an early four run lead in the top of the 1st inning, but the Royals tied it with a pair of runs in each of the first two innings. In a common theme for this week, it took extra innings to decide the outcome. A Melky Cabrera single in the bottom of the 12th inning scored Chris Getz to give the Royals their fourth straight walk-off win.

Game 6: White Sox 10 @ Royals 7boxscore

Jeff Francis put together another solid start, going 6.2 innings and giving up only 2 earned runs. The Royals had a 5 run lead going into the top of the 7th and the bullpen started coughing it up. Typically steady closer Joakim Soria entered the game in the 9th sporting a three run lead and proceeded to give up four runs. It was going to take another walk-off miracle by the Royals to win. They tied the game in bottom of the 9th on a Kila Ka’aihue double, but eventually lost in the 12th inning.

Game 7: Royals 2 @ Tigers 5boxscore

The first road trip of the season didn’t start out so hot as starter Kyle Davies gave up 4 runs in the very first inning against the Tigers. The Royals managed to plate single runs on a Melky Cabrera triple in the 3rd inning and on a 7th inning single by Billy Butler. The Royals never led although they had chances to tie the game on more than one occasion.

Game 8: Royals 3 @ Tigers 1boxscore

Royals starter Bruce Chen came back from his first rough outing by throwing an absolute gem against the Tigers. The soft-tossing lefty went 6 innings, struck out 7 and walked only 1. The Royals scratched out 3 runs and closer Joakim Soria stumbled a bit in the 9th, but eventually shut down the Tigers potent lineup.

Game 9: Royals 9 @ Tigers 5boxscore

Royals starting pitcher Luke Hochevar had his best start of the season, going 7 innings and giving up 3 earned runs. He struck out 6 and walked none. It was a nice win for the Royals that didn’t require a comeback and featured no late innings drama. Wilson Betemit went 4 for 4 with a walk as he took the place of a struggling Mike Aviles at third base. The Tigers played terrible defense, giving the Royals free bases and runs throughout the game.

Position Player of the Week: Alcides Escobar

Lots of good candidates again this week, but I'm going to go with Alcides Escobar. He didn't hit the ball well this week (.217/.217/.304), but his defense saved the team runs on a number of occasions. The Royals haven't had a shortstop this good in decades.

Starting Pitcher of the Week: Bruce Chen

Chen got one start this week, but he made it worthwhile. He didn't give up a single earned run and struck out 7 while walking only 1. I'm still not convinced he'll be effective the entire season, but I'll be glad to be wrong.

Relief Pitcher of the Week: Aaron Crow

The Topeka native threw 3.1 innings and didn't give up an earned run. I was much more comfortable with him coming into games last week than Joakim Soria.

On the Farm

Clint Robinson (1B/DH) hit 2 homeruns for the Omaha Storm Chasers (AAA). He’s hitting .313/.421/.875 on the season.

Wil Myers (OF) went 6 for 18 with a double for the Northwest Arkansas Naturals (AAA). He’s hitting .333/.389/.789 on the season.

Rey Navarro (SS) went 7 for 12 with a double, a triple and a homerun for the Wilmington Blue Rocks (A+). He’s hitting .583/.643/1.083 on the season.

Jake Odorizzi (RHP) who came over from the Brewers in the Zack Greinke trade struck out 6 in 4 innings and gave up only 1 earned run. He’s sporting a 2.25 ERA with the Wilmington Blue Rocks (A+)

Brett Eibner (CF) was 2 for 6 with a homerun for the Kane County Cougars (A-), however he injured his hand and when he will return is uncertain.

Stat of the Week

Billy Butler notched his 600th hit and 3rd stolen base attempt in his career this week.


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The Week to Come

The Royals get an off-day today and then play 13 straight games. They will also have to use their 5th pitcher for the first time this season. Vin Mazzaro was scheduled to take that spot, however he had a rough first outing in Omaha (AAA). The Royals also signed Jeff Suppan to a Minor League deal, so he’s a possible although unlikely candidate. Promoting a starter will also require the Royals to send down a relief pitcher. Sean O’Sullivan is the likely candidate for the demotion.

Upcoming Series:

4/12-4/13 @ Minnesota Twins

4/14-4/17 vs Seattle Mariners


Royals Week In Review and Preview - 4/4/2011

Welcome to the first Royals week in review/preview of the year. The title pretty much describes what you will expect to find, however I will be experimenting with the format throughout the season to figure out what works and what doesn’t. The idea is that if this was the only Royals related thing you read all week, it should provide you with everything you need to know. If there's anything you think is missing or would like to see, let me know in the comments

It's only the first week of a very long season, but the Royals are in first place right now. It's not likely going to last, but it gives us one more week to dream and keep our hopes alive. Crazier things have happened than this year's Royals contending for the division.


  1. Royals
  2. White Sox -0.5
  3. Indians -1.5
  4. Tigers -1.5
  5. Twins -1.5

Game 1: Angels 4 – Royals 2 - Boxscore

Opening Day. Everything is over-analyzed on this day. The Royals lost, so everyone assumed they would never win again. The Royals faces Jered Weaver who is one of the best pitchers in the American League. The Royals never scored when he was in the game, but they were patient and ended up scoring two runs off of the Angels bullpen. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough as the Angels scored 4 runs against Royals starter Luke Hochevar.

Game 2: Angels 1 – Royals 2 - Boxscore

The Royals signed Jeff Francis as a free agent hoping he would pitch close to the way he did prior to his injuries. On this day, he did just that. He went 7 innings, walked 1, stuck out 4 and allowed one earned run. It was the only run the Angels scored as the Royals bullpen again kept their opponents scoreless. With the game tied at 1 in the bottom of the ninth, Kila Ka’aihue smashed a solo homerun to give the Royals their first win on the season.

Game 3: Angels 4 – Royals 5 - Boxscore

Royals starter Kyle Davies gave up four earned runs in 5.1 innings, but again the bullpen stopped the Angels offense in their tracks. The Royals scored a pair of runs on singles by Matt Treanor and Chris Getz in the bottom of the 8th to take their first lead of the game. Joakim Soria earned his first save of the year by shutting out the Angels in the 9th inning.

Game 4: Angels 9 – Royals 12 - Boxscore

On a very windy day, runs were plentiful. At the end of the 9th inning, the game was all knotted up at 9. In what was déjà vu all over again, Royal relievers Joakim Soria and Tim Collins combined for four scoreless innings and in the bottom of the 13th Matt Treanor again got a clutch hit. This time, it was a three-run homerun that sealed the series for the Royals.

Position Player of the week: Kila Ka'aihue

He hit .231/.412/.538 in 4 games with a game-winning walk-off homerun. He currently leads the team in walks with four.

Starting Pitcher of the week: Jeff Francis

He pitched seven innings, gave up one earned run while striking out four and walking only one.

Relief Pitcher of the week: Tim Collins

The diminutive rookie reliever threw four scoreless innings in which he struck out six and walked only one. Three of those four innings were in extra innings with extremely windy conditions.

On The Farm

None of the Minor Leagues have actually started their seasons yet, however two of the Royals affiliates faced off against each other in an exhibition game at Kauffman Stadium Saturday. The Omaha Stormchasers (AAA) beat the Northwest Arkansas Naturals (AA) by a score of 4-1.

The Week To Come

The Royals will get their first taste of Division play when they face the Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers. If they have any hopes of holding onto first place for another week, winning three of the five games this week is a necessity. The Royals will send their Opening Day starter Luke Hochevar to the mound to face the White Sox to begin the week on Tuesday at 7:10.

Upcoming Series:

4/5-4/6 vs Chicago White Sox

4/8-4/10 @ Detroit Tigers

Nick Scott is a contributor to Royals Authority and is the host of the Broken Bat Single Royals podcast, you can follow him on Twitter or on Facebook.