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Kansas City Royals week in review: 9/19/2011

Nick Scott

Now THAT was a nice week to be a Royals fan. Unfortunately, it all flew under the radar since the team is completely out of contention (again), and football season has ramped up and drained some focus. Still, it's a nice week when you put some real distance between the ...

Kansas City Royals week in review: 9/5/2011

Nick Scott

I really thought that the Royals would surpass the Twins and leave the cellar this week. It didn't happen, but I'm still convinced that it is going to happen. This team is better than the Twins, I have little doubt about that. The week wasn't all bad, they split a ...

Kansas City Royals week in review: 8/29/2011

Nick Scott

Last week, the Royals were on the road but still won half of their games. That's a successful road trip for even the best teams. For the Royals it's reason to celebrate, because they've been miserable on the road this year (22-42). The Royals are making up ground on the ...

Kansas City Royals week in review: 8/22/2011

Nick Scott

While the Royals could only secure two wins last week, they did play two of the best teams in baseball. They also didn't seem to be completely outclassed. They hung in most of the games and were battling from beginning to end. Also in the news this week, the Royals ...

Kansas City Royals week in review: 8/15/2011

Nick Scott

Is it just me or did it *seem* like the Royals won more than one game last week? They hung tight with the Tampa Bay Rays and the Chicago White Sox but the results were not in their favor. I expected this week to be more competitive than it was, ...

Kansas City Royals week in review: 8/8/2011

Nick Scott

For the third straight week, the Kansas City Royals won at least haif the games they played. It's a nice stretch that has included some very tough teams. Last week began with the Royals proving they were better than the Baltimore Orioles and ended with them showing that they are ...

Kansas City Royals week in review: 8/1/2011

Nick Scott

Going on the road and facign the Boston Red Sox and Cleveland Indians was no easy task for the Kansas City Royals, though they came away with a more than acceptable 4-3 record last week. The record on the field was over-shadowed by the moves the Royals did and did ...

Kansas City Royals week in review: 7/25/2011

Nick Scott

We've been waiting for a nice week of Royals baseball for a month and we finally got it. They went 4-2 against a pair of decent teams in the Chicago White Sox and Tampa Bay Rays. They even seemed to show a bit of that early season Royals magic as ...

Kansas City Royals week in review: 7/18/2011

Nick Scott

The Royals just seem destined to lose to the Twins. It's been inescapable the past 10 or so years and this week's four game series was no exception. On paper, it seems as if the Royals are a better team than the Twins, but it didn't work out that way ...

Kansas City Royals week in review: 7/11/2011

Nick Scott

It wasn't a great week for the Kansas City Royals, but it was an improvement over the week prior. They beat a team that I believe they are better than (Chicago) and lost to a team I know they are worse than (Detroit). So all in all, it was about ...

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