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The Royals promote Mike Moustakas


The Kansas City Royals promoted highly-touted third base prospect Mike Moustakas. In Triple-A, Moustakas wa hitting .287/.347/.498 with 10 home runs and 15 doubles. To make room for him on the roster, they optioned infielder Mike Aviles to Omaha.

I predicted that the Royals would promote Moustakas at some point in June, now that the date for Super Two status has passed. I figured they would wait until the next home-stand so he could make his debut in Kansas City, but instead he'll make his debut in Anaheim near his hometown of Los Angeles.

What I wasn't able to predict was exactly who was going to be moved to make room for Moustakas.I thought that there might be a trade including Wilson Betemit or Mike Aviles, but in the end it was a demotion for Aviles. He'd been struggling lately with the bat, but he's been a pretty reliable offensive performer for the Royals. He's also the only player on the bench that can play a middle infield position. It seems to me as if the Royals aren't done making moves. They can't go too long without having a backup infielder.

In the end, Mike Moustakas is ready to be tested in the Major Leagues. He can learn much more facing Big League pitchers than he can from facing Triple-A pitchers. This was the one promotion that I fully expected to see come prior to the season. The Royals are starting to look like the young and talented team that they are destined to be in the near future.

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parrothead8 6 years, 11 months ago

I wonder if it's a little soon for Moose, but I'm glad he's getting his shot. It's smart to bring him up on the road...I've heard that teams will sometimes bring up big prospects on the road because it lessens the pressure.

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