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4 amazing feats and an unusual event in Australia during the past few days

Facebook Photograph

Facebook Photograph by Lawrence Morgan

4 Amazing Feats and a very unusual event from Australia

If you have not already seen these, you must take a look at the articles and videos below.

All of us have our strong points, but sometimes the combination of body strength and willpower is overwhelming.

Crossing a highway in Florida on a tight rope

Nik Wallenda crosses 200 feet above an oceanfront highway in Sarasota, Florida. There is no net or safety harness.

Here is some background on what he has done.

Amazing surfer breaks record

Garret McNamara broke his own record when he surfed a wave said to be100 ft. off the coast of Portugal.

Point of no return

These are amazing pictures, and they have to be shared.

Surfer in France wearing an LED suit at night - surfing

And if that isn't already enough for one day, take a look at this surfer at night wearing an LED suit. William Hughes is on the slopes at Tignes, France.

The exceedingly rare event of sea foam in Australia

Huge swathes of foam, whipped up by high seas then thrown on land, on Australia's Sunshine Coast (eastern Australia). The sea foam emerges when powerful storms force water into the air before it is whisked on to land.


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