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Live IT broadcasts from San Francisco Design Center, September 9-11

Logo tech crunch image

Logo tech crunch image by Lawrence Morgan

Top people in the IT field - Live from San Francisco

Here is a chance to watch live people in all fields of the computer industry September 9-11. Anyone interested in computers, start-ups, new directions in computing will want to see this program live.

This is live each day from the San Francisco Design Center.

If you miss part of the day, you can watch the videos below.

Click on the link posted above.


Wednesday, September 11th

9:30am -9:35am Opening Remarks by TechCrunch

9:35am – 9:55am Fireside Chat with Nicholas Woodman (GoPro)

9:55am – 10:15am Founders Stories with Eric Migicovsky (Pebble)

10:15am – 10:35am Fireside Chat with John Doerr (Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers)

10:35am – 10:45am Special Product Announcement

10:45am – 11:05am Fireside Chat with Vinod Khosla (Khosla Ventures)

11:05am – 11:20am BREAK

11:20am – 11:45am The 30 New Franchises: Chris Kemp (Nebula), Aaron Levie (Box), Mikkel Svane (Zendesk), Scott Weiss (Andreessen Horowitz)

11:45am – 12:05pm Founders Stories with Tom Preston-Werner (GitHub)

12:05pm – 12:30pm The New Diagnosis: Erik Douglas (Cellscope), Elli Kaplan (Neurotrack), Dr. Katherine Pollard (Gladstone Institutes), Halle Tecco (Rock Health)

12:30pm – 1:45pm LUNCH

1:45pm – 1:55pm Hackathon Highlights

1:55pm – 2:20pm Fireside Chat with Marissa Mayer (Yahoo!)

2:20pm – 2:45pm Something Ventured: Don Valentine (Sequoia Capital) and Tom Perkins (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers)

2:45pm – 2:55pm Startup Battlefield Alumni

2:55pm – 3:25pm Fireside Chat with Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)

3:25pm – 3:30pm Passing the Disrupt Cup with Enigma

3:30pm – 3:40pm BREAK Startup Battlefield Finals with Jason Kincaid

3:40pm – 5:30pm Startup Battlefield Finals

Finals Judges: Michael Arrington (CrunchFund, TechCrunch), Roelof Botha (Sequoia Capital), Chris Dixon (Andreessen Horowitz), David Lee (SV Angel), Marissa Mayer (Yahoo!), Keith Rabois (Khosla Ventures)

5:30pm – 6:15pm Closing Cocktail Reception Hosted by WorldPay

6:15pm – 6:45pm Closing Awards Ceremony

9:00pm – Midnight After Party hosted by at 1015 Folsom with DJ’s Talib Kweli and Kevvy Kev

For a ticket, you have to pay $2995. But here it is all for free, live each day!

Here are videos from the 1st day start-ups.

Take a look at LYFT and OUTLINE, for example!

But if you can be sure to view all the videos for these companies. They are great!

Take a stroll...

This is what Lawrence and Baldwin City need!

This is what Lawrence and Baldwin City need: a number of small companies and start-ups.

People would love to come to Lawrence and Baldwin City to buy a house, enjoy the city - instead of driving 2 hours each way between San Francisco and Santa Clara, CA, and renting a room for $2000-$3000 a month.

But: the City Council did not think to concern themselves about Google fiber, so, as a result, Lawrence is behind many other cities with universities, although in many ways it is much better located than start-ups in California (costs are far less, there are more and more bicycle trails, there is a great downtown, and there are many more examples of these kinds of things.) The same is true of Baldwin City.

Both these towns would make great start-up towns if only people knew about them, and if they were headed by City Councils who could look ahead to the future.

Take a look at the live video sessions.

If you are into computers in any way, this won't disappoint you.

What tech boom is doing to San Francisco

And here, by the way, is what the tech boom is doing to San Francisco (all freeways are jammed, rents are sky high, there are hours of commutes each day, the quality of life is fast decreasing).

The tech boom needs to be all across the nation, not just in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, where there are no longer any places to live "or breathe". And that includes Lawrence and Baldwin City, instead of thousands of more people being jammed into San Francisco and the peninsula.

If Lawrence had a forward-looking City Commission, and the town had google fiber - and there was a really creative, forward looking newspaper here (and don't get me wrong - the Journal-World has some superb reporters and photographers; I have to give them much credit for all that they have done -- they just haven't moved into the digital age) - this town could become one of the best in the country!

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