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Shuttle Endeavor flies over San Francisco and then to Los Angeles - and Curiosity takes a 360 degree shot of Mars

Andrea Hawksley Photograph

Andrea Hawksley Photograph by Lawrence Morgan

The shuttle Endeavor flew over Golden Gate Bridge at 10:15 a.m. (PST)

This morning, at 10:15 am (PST), the shuttle Endeavor flew over the Golden Gate Bridge on its way to Los Angeles. It came back for a second pass at 10:22. These pictures are wonderful, and it will never happen again.

Teachers, please share these photographs with your students. Look at the pictures:

And here's an incredible interview on what Endeavor will face, once it's on the ground in Los Angeles, to get to the California Science Center. The Endeavor will come within INCHES of other buildings as it travels via ground routes from the airport.

And here it is coming to Los Angeles:,0,4652058.storygallery

In the pictures below and article, the Endeavor is shown being taken off the plane and put into a hanger, where it will be prepared for the trip to the California Science Center in about three weeks. I will have a separate blog for that event.

What a great event in human space exploration!

Marvels in space

The Curiosity has also been taking some great shots of Mars.

But I think this one particular shot is amazing. It puts me in a very different world when I have it up on my computer. I realize that I, personally, will never see such a scene in person in my lifetime:

And look at these Curiosity tweets:

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