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Pedaling his bike and his dreams

sf blog photograph

sf blog photograph by Lawrence Morgan

The Arts - and - the Unexpected

A major part of the art world is the unexpected. Lawrence used to have many people like this who just showed up every so often and did their thing, often wonderfully well.

This article from San Francisco makes this very point. This person, without government assistance, assembled - and it took him a long time to do this - a bicycle and player piano combination. Now he rides it four times a week along the Embarcadero in San Francisco. People love his work and they are more than willing to give tips for it.

This is the kind of thing which used to happen in Lawrence, especially in the past. I sometimes wonder if, as businesses become more successful they also become more conservative. We ought to encourage artists of this type, and make spaces available for them to live in.

That's one of the many pieces of the puzzle if Lawrence is to be considered as a real arts city.