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The Queen’s 60th Jubilee - Part 2 - expanded to include Tuesday’s events

The Queen's Jubilee Pageant - Part 2

Day 4 - Tuesday

Tuesday is the final day of the Queen's Jubilee concert. The Queen attends services at St. Paul's Cathedral in London. All the choir kids are getting ready:

Following that, she appears on the balcony and enjoys a flypast.

What do the French think of all this?

Finally, she gives her farewell address to the nation, and the four days of the Diamond Jubilee are over!

Last of all, you have to see this high-definition picture of London which the BBC just put up this afternoon:

Day 3 - Monday

This special concert took place today at 1:30 our time. Shirley Bassey, Alfie Boe, Jools Holland, Jessie J., JLS, Elton John, Tom Jones, Lang Lang, Annie Lennox, Madness, Paul McCartney, Cliff Richard and Ed Sheeran, were all in this concert. And the Queen was there!

Here are some of the performers being interviewed before the concert today:

And Sir Cliff Richard who was there for all sixty years:

They've done an incredible job with the stage. Here's an interview with Keith Lockhart, who will be conducting, as well as a photograph of the stage.

And here are pictures of the concert:

After the concert, beacons were lit around the world. These beacons were lit In most of the Commonwealth countries, and in other countries too, like the United States. The Queen lit the National Beacon at 20:30 British Summer Time, directly following the concert.

The beacons come from British history: These beacons constitute 1900 years of history.

Look at the interactive map with beacons from throughout the world::

Day 2 - Sunday

Here is a detailed background on Day 2 of the four day Jubilee pageant.

The Queen's Barge makes its way along the River Thames:

Whether or not you've been to London, England, you will enjoy these pictures.

Despite the weather, people thronged by the thousands to the River Thames to watch the pageant and flotilla.

The Thames River Barrier was lowered so that the river would flow slower.

The Thames River Barrier has been described as the eighth wonder of the world. It is one of the largest movable flood barriers in the world. It has ten steel gates that can be raised into position across the Thames River. When raised, the main gates stand as high as a five-story building and as wide as the opening of Tower Bridge. Each main gate weights 3,300 tons. You should see this if you are in London in the future.

To return to the events of Day 2, 20,000 people were expected to be on the floats of the flotilla, which travelled at 4 knots (4.6 miles) an hour. There were also lunches (such as the "Big Lunch" in London) and parties throughout Great Britain and the Commonwealth.

Of special interest is the Queen's barge, which was designed to show what the highly decorated royal barges were like in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The man-powered boats, led by the Queen's row barge "Gloriana," were the first to pass the finish line.

Pictures were pouring in from around the world, including Dubai, Canada, China, France, Australia, Germany, Tuvalu and New Zealand.

and of course from the UK:

with Jubilee related stories:

This is a very good essay with many sides of the British character:

By the way, I sent a picture into the BBC from the Journal-World's article on the Queen's Jubilee in Lawrence yesterday. If other people took pictures of the Lawrence event, or parties, they should also send them to the BBC at

There are pictures from Craig Patterson and Staci Garman of the Jubilee Diamond event in Lawrence below.

To me, it's an incredible event when a town like Lawrence, Kansas, can have its own Jubilee celebration!

And here is an article, of which there are many, from Canada:

Here is another excellent article from Perth, Australia:

And here is the celebration in Grenada:

This shows that the British Commonwealth still is liked tremendously in many parts of the world, including British-speaking Africa and the Caribbean..

The first part of my blog is at:

It is full of useful information and photographs! Share it with your kids!

Now, here is the Lawrence event!

Here are some great pictures of the Lawrence Diamond Jubilee event, taken by Craig Patterson and Staci Garman.

Here are Craig's pictures:

and here are Staci's pictures: