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Live Feed from Outside Lands Concerts, from 4pm until 12 midnight, Saturday and Sunday, in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

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caliber image by Lawrence Morgan

Live Feed from San Francisco

Here is the live feed from Outside Lands, a two day concert in San Francisco in Golden Gate Park, with 70,000 people paying $300 a ticket. It is available online from 4 pm, when the concerts start, until 12 midnight each day (Kansas time). This is because the residents of the Sunset and Richmond want to get some sleep (it will be 2 pm to 10 pm Pacific Standard Time).

Here's news coverage and photos from yesterday, the first day of the concert.

Another article from Friday.

News from Saturday's all day event.

And here's the wrap up for the weekend.

Now, why not set up two large video screens in a park with sound, and let Lawrence enjoy these concerts from around the world in the future?

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caliber image by Lawrence Morgan

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