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Last blog (perhaps) for African American month of February

susanfleet photograph

susanfleet photograph by Lawrence Morgan

Last days for African-American month

Please take a look a the wonderful music this group makes it possible for blacks and minorities to create.

The talent is amazing.

Is there a similar group in the Lawrence-Kansas City area? If not, it's time to start one.

On another subject but related in a broad sense, how much has really changed in this country in the year since Trayvon's death?

And this article which appeared in today's New York Times points out how much and how little the culture has changed since slavery days.

And in case you missed it, my first blog for the start of African-American month, the birthday of Langston Hughes:

His brilliant writing and dedication will survive for a long time in the future.

The Journal-World did not see fit to put this on the front page, so most people never knew who Langston Hughes was or the amazing things he has written.


Music from Orthodox Christmas 2013, and 2 hours of watching Orthodox Christmas Eve services on Russian television

Rubric photograph

Rubric photograph by Lawrence Morgan

A little more music from Orthodox Christmas 2013

World-famous Dmitri Hvorostovsky with the St Petersburg Chamber choir, singing "Let My Prayer."

This is a Serbian Orthodox Christmas song for Christmas 2013. I lived in Serbia and also Sarajevo for almost a year.

Russian Christmas Music with Russian Christmas cards, just put on the web for this Christmas.

A Russian Flash Mob on January 16, 2011 in a Mall in Moscow. If you remember, Lawrence had a Flash mob last year, I believe it was at Target.

And if you want to watch what Russian viewers watched live on television for Orthodox Christmas eve, here is the Christmas Service in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Streamed live on January 6, 2013.

The reason I have completed these two blogs is because there is so little, really, on the media of Orthodox Christmas in this country. Many Americans don't even know that Christmas is celebrated on a different day in parts of the world.


Young people’s blogs

Photograph by Drew Smith and friends

Photograph by Drew Smith and friends by Lawrence Morgan

This is amazing

and indeed it should be. A month or two ago I did a blog about a girl in Scotland who photographed and commented on the food in her school. Before she knew it, other young people were coming in with food from their schools from around the world.

Today, I am very excited about Drew Smith's music and blog. You may have missed it:


How many other young people are doing these same kinds of wondeful things?

This could include arts, science, health, music, all kinds of things.

A group of young people should put together these blogs from around the world. This is a tremendous development!

And Drew Smith, thanks so much for Theo's Mystic Robot Orchestra.

For so many young people today, they don't have the chance, with studying for exams and very limited ideas as to what school shoud do, to do the things that they really care about. That has to change.

And I can't wait for your show to appear at The Jackpot!