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Critical Mass celebrates its 20th anniversary; locking your bike; and bicycling creates healing in Rwanda

Wikipedia Photograph

Wikipedia Photograph by Lawrence Morgan

Critical mass celebrates its 20th anniversary Friday, September 28

Thanks to the San Francisco Chronicle and Jason Wolfe, photographer, for these wonderful images and the article.

Critical Mass celebrates its 20th birthday Friday, September 28th. From its beginnings in San Francisco twenty years ago, it has spread throughout the world.

I was not here when Critical Mass started (I was in Europe in the Army), but when I came back, there was both hope and enmity among bicyclists and motorists. Since that time, both sides have become more gentle, but anger springs up every day from both bicyclists and motorists throughout this city.

Background of the movement

These four current articles give background behind the movement: Click on each one:

The 20th celebration is happening now

This web site covers the first ten years.

Here, for example, is the Chicago Critical Site web page:

Locking your bike

I also wanted you to see the following videos, which indicate the correct (and incorrect) way to lock your bike, made by If you loose your bike through not locking it properly, Critical Mass and/or other bicycle rides will have little meaning.

Bicycles, healing, Lawrence and Rwanda

Just like the recent Lawrence article so well presented by Karrey Britt:

the situation in Rwanda (Africa) has also had a very difficult time in recovering from its recent past history. And again, bicycling has made the difference. Through bicycling, Rwanda has helped to create peace between the Hutu, Tutsi, and Twa tribes. Enjoy these photographs from the BBC which show what bicycling has done for Rwandans:

And here are some logos from around the world

Lahore Pakistan image

Lahore Pakistan image by Lawrence Morgan

Pittsburgh Critical Mass Logo

Pittsburgh Critical Mass Logo by Lawrence Morgan

San Francisco Critical Mass Image

San Francisco Critical Mass Image by Lawrence Morgan

Miami Critical Mass Image

Miami Critical Mass Image by Lawrence Morgan

Italia Critical Image Logo

Italia Critical Image Logo by Lawrence Morgan

Berlin Critical Mass image

Berlin Critical Mass image by Lawrence Morgan

Prague Critical Mass Poster

Prague Critical Mass Poster by Lawrence Morgan