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Huge asteroid passes earth today

NASA image

NASA image by Lawrence Morgan

Huge astronaut passes by earth today

The Slooh telescope broadcast live images of the large asteroid QE2 as it passed by earth today. Viewers can still view these images, even though the asteroid is no longer being broadcast live. QE2 came within 3.6 million miles of the earth at 3:59 Friday.

Briefly, the asteroid is, as commented by one observer, the "size of a small town." It has a smaller satellite moon. If it were to hit earth, human beings and the current civilization on earth would probably be completely destroyed.

You can watch QE2 as it passes earth on the following web site.

There are also excellent science articles on the Slooh telescope web site.

Mars pebbles caused by water flows

Additional science news which is being reported this week: the BBC reports that Mars pebbles are almost certainly made by water, perhaps 3 billion years ago. If the presence of water is confirmed on Mars, then there may be life on Mars now or in the past.

This is great material for science fiction writers.

Radiation data creates Mars dangers for humans

In another boon for science fiction writers, as well as for all of us who may think that human beings could be settled on Mars at some time in the future, the following article is very relevant and thought provoking.