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No inexpensive online education at KU

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Starbucks helps their employees with an education

The following article in today's New York Times (June 15th, 2014) suggests that Starbucks has a great idea for helping to get an education:

But guess where it's taking place - Arizona State University. Even though I (and I'm certain others, also) have talked and done blogs about online education in Lawrence, Kansas University has chosen another route, a far more expensive one, and has signed contracts, as well (which, when the article was written, weren't available to the general public) to the best of my knowledge.

No, this will not be available at KU - as I've said before, it's all about money at this university.

They don't care at all about people who have to go to work at Starbucks or other companies, who try to arrange time for their families, who have to pay for gas for driving to and from work - or who have new, dynamic ideas about ways to provide education, unless KU can get big money from it.

And I'll tell you - the KU way is NOT the way for the future in education!

Look at Joe Nocera's article in the New York Times (June 16, 2014).

As mentioned in the above article, Michael Crow is President of the State University of Arizona. Listen to what he has to say in the following video from the World Bank. I wonder whether the Chancellor at the University of Kansas has read or even considered these ideas. They are not being put into action, as far as I can tell, at KU.


Kansas is subject of New York Times article today

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Kansas in today's New York Times

There is an article about Kansas in today's New York Times. I have posted it below because many people don't have subscriptions to the Times.

Unfortunately, the author of the Times article didn't visit Lawrence, but I put in a word for Lawrence and the Journal-World (even though I deeply regret that citizenship journalism is becoming a lost art at the Journal World, because it is no longer on the front page and there is no referral to user blogs in other parts of the paper). I did not include that in my comment in the New York Times, but I am including it here, because it is a great concern of mine.

There are a number of things about the Journal World's web site which need to be changed and improved, and I will take those up, from my point of view, later this year.

I, too, have appreciated the expansive skies (I grew up in Hutchinson) and I had an excellent education both in Hutchinson and Lawrence (KU).

There is much that I like about every part of Kansas (except that we need more parks and trails). And there are things that I dislike about Kansas, too.

Please don't hesitate to share your experiences below.

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