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September 2 - First Day of School in Russia

amazing images photograph

amazing images photograph by Lawrence Morgan

September 1st is Knowledge Day, the first day of school in Russia

But this year the first day of school was on September 2nd, because the 1st was on a Sunday.

I have a friend from Kamchatka, Russia, who will write as he has time about what the first day of school was like for him in Kamchatka when he was growing up. If you are unaware of Kamchatka, look it up in Wikipedia. It is close to Alaska and the Bering Sea, and it is a very long way from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The video below has some background on his home country, Kamchatka, Russia. Even if you don't know Russian, you can get a feeling for Kamchatka by watching the following video.

1st Day of School from Other Parts of the World

Please don't hesitate to send articles and comments on the first day of school from other parts of the world.