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The Amazing Things Dogs Can Do - Part I

Liz Caldwell photograph

Liz Caldwell photograph by Lawrence Morgan

I love dogs, like many people - and often they are amazing

Dogs Learn to Drive

This article just came out in today's BBC news:

I astounded at what these dogs from New Zealand can do - in some ways, it is much more impressive than the driver-less car which google is working on.

Chinese Dog Understands Basic Math

And this dog from China--

is also astonishing.

Do you have a dog which is especially good at something? Please add a comment and, if you can, a photograph of your dog.

This includes fantastic ball catching in Kansas parks.

And... Dancing with Dogs

Dancing with dogs has caught on in Great Britain and other parts of the world. Why isn't there a teacher and class for Lawrence dogs? This would bring people from Kansas City, Topeka, all over the region...

This blog is definitely for kids as well as adults!


The Olympic torch - going through the United Kingdom (pictures) - Part 2

Big Ben Getty Images

Big Ben Getty Images by Lawrence Morgan

The Olympic torch continues its way through the United Kingdom

Beginning with Day 37, the Olympic torch continues its way through the United Kingdom. And again, there are tremendous pictures - it is a real education in another country!

Before the Olympics begin, Friday morning, July 27, 2012, Big Ben will chime 40 times at 8:12 British summer time. In fact, bells will ring throughout Britain at that time. (Big Ben has to be rung by hand.)

and even in Antartica:

British Antartic Survey photograph

British Antartic Survey photograph by Lawrence Morgan

The torch relay

The daily route of the Torch

Olympics in Early Times

Let the Games Begin

Torch passes through Shakespeare's birthplace

Each day, continued

Day 37, Salford to Leeds

Day 38, Leeds to Sheffield

BBC Photograph The Olympic Torch

BBC Photograph The Olympic Torch by Lawrence Morgan

Day 39, Sheffield to Cleethorpes

BBC Photograph, Torch Olympics

BBC Photograph, Torch Olympics by Lawrence Morgan

Day 40, Grimsby to Lincoln

BBC Photograph Torch Olympics

BBC Photograph Torch Olympics by Lawrence Morgan

Day 41, Lincoln to Nottingham

Day 42, Nottingham to Derby

BBC Photograph

BBC Photograph by Lawrence Morgan

Day 43, Derby to Birmingham

BBC Photograph

BBC Photograph by Lawrence Morgan

Day 44, Birmingham to Coventry

Day 45, Coventry to Leicester

Day 46, Leicester to Peterborough

Day 47, Peterborough to Norwich

Day 48, Norwich to Ipswich

Day 49, Ipswich to Chelmsford

Day 50, Chelmsford to Cambridge

Day 51, Cambridge to Luton

Day 52, Luton to Oxford

Day 53, Oxford to Reading

Lewis Hamilton BBC Photograph

Lewis Hamilton BBC Photograph by Lawrence Morgan

Day 54, Reading to Salisbury

Day 55, Salisbury to Weymouth

Day 56, Portland Bill to Bournemouth

Day 57, Bournemouth to Southampton

Day 58, Southampton to Portsmouth

Day 59, Portsmouth to Brighton and Hove

Day 60, Brighton and Hove to Hastings

Day 61, Hastings to Dover

Day 62, Deal to Maidstone

Day 63, Maidstone to Guildford

Day 64, Greenwich to Waltham Forest

BBC Photograph

BBC Photograph by Lawrence Morgan

Day 65, Redbridge to Bexley

Day 66, Lewisham to Wandsworth

Day 67, Kingston to Ealing

Day 68, Harrow to Haringey

Day 69, Camden to Westminster

Day 70, Bushy Park to Olympic Stadium

The Countries and Teams

The British and their spirit

My first blog covered the first half of the Olympic Torch through Britain. Together, with this blog, you have a great view of the whole United Kingdom!

Now, for a lighter touch, here is a man who has used a bicycle all the way from China, to spread the Olympic spirit:

This is my earlier post of the Torch Relay, from Day 1 through Day 36:


The Olympic torch - travelling through the United Kingdom (pictures)

BBC photograph

BBC photograph by Lawrence Morgan

The Olympic torch, as it makes its way through the United Kingdom

I have posted many pictures on this site, because this is a very special event, the Olympics. It involves countries from all over the world. But perhaps, most importantly of all, it shows the people and places of the United Kingdom in incredible detail.

This is like a whole course of geography on Great Britain.

There are a lot of links here, but there are also a lot of pictures to look at, and I want to share those with others who have or haven't been thereI

This is a chance to get to know all of the United Kingdom in a very special way. Click on each link to see the full photographs for that day.

Here is day 1, Land's End to Plymouth:

Here is day 2, Plymouth to Exeter:

Here is day 3, Exeter to Taunton:

Here is day 4, Taunton to Bristol:

BBC Photograph

BBC Photograph by Lawrence Morgan

Here is day 5, Bristol to Cheltenham:

Here is day 6, Gloucester to Worcester:

BBC Photograph

BBC Photograph by Lawrence Morgan

Here is day 7, Worcester to Cardiff:

Here is day 8, Cardiff to Swansea:

Dr Who Star Matt Smith starts this part of the journey.

Here is day 9. Swansea to Aberystwyth:

Including the castle from Monty Phython and the Holy Grail.

Here is day 10, Aberystwyth to Bangor:

At the end of today's journey, final torchbearer bass-baritone Bryn Terfel uses it for the celebration in the evening.

Here is day 11, Beaumaris to Chester:

Here is day 12, Chester to Stoke-on-Trent:

Here is Day 13, Stoke-on-Trent to Bolton

Here is Day 14, Bolton to Liverpool

Here is Day 15, Liverpool to Belfast

BBC Photograph

BBC Photograph by Lawrence Morgan

Here is Day 16, Belfast to Portrush

Here is Day 17, Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge to Derry Londonderry

Here is Day 18, Derry Londonderry to Newry

Here is Day 19, Dublin to Belfast

Here is Day 20, Newcastle to Stranraer:

Here is Day 21, Stranraer to Glasgow

Here is Day 22, Glasgow to Inverness:

Here is Day 23, Kirkwall to Lerwick:

Here is Day 24, Stornoway to Aberdeen:

Here is Day 25, Aberdeen to Dundee

BBC Photograph

BBC Photograph by Lawrence Morgan

Here is Day 26, St Andrews to Edinburgh

Here is Day 27, Edinburg to Ainwick

Here is Day 28, Ainwick to Newcastle upon Tyne

Here is Day 29, Gateshead to Durham

BBC Photograph

BBC Photograph by Lawrence Morgan

Here is Day 30, Durham to Middlesbrough

Here is Day 31, Middlesbrough to Hull

Here is Day 32, Hull to York

Here is Day 33, York to Carlisle:

BBC Photograph

BBC Photograph by Lawrence Morgan

Here is day 34, Dumfries to Bowness-on-Windermere

Here is day 35, Kendal to Blackpool

Here is day 36, Lytham St Anne's to Manchester

Alice Kelly recently cycled 150 miles to raise funds for a trip to The Gambia (in Africa).

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The Queen’s 60th Jubilee

The 60th Jubilee Concert - Around the World

Whether or not you are a fan of the royalty of Great Britain, this is a special weekend for both British and non-British fans from around the world. There is much to experience every day.

From street parties to horse racing (the English really love horse racing), today's Derby was the big event:

Here are pictures from Saturday, June 2, 2012, Day 1:

Two years of preparations took place for this year's Jubilee:

If you have or haven't been to London, this is a great chance just to enjoy the scenery. It is also an incredibly great pageant, which only the British can put on.

The music for the pageant has been put together by ten composers, all inspired by Handel's Water Music. By the way, according to the BBC, Tutankhamen's trumpet (from the time of the ancient Egyptians) is the oldest royal instrument.

And here is a history of royal pageantry in London.

Some of the following footage is shown for the first time:

And here is the changing face of the Queen over the years:

I am very impressed that Lawrence has joined the 60th Jubilee with its own set of events. No matter what it is that you like that is British, whether it is the wonderful TV comedies (Faulty Towers, Dad's Army), the cars (there will be a display in Lawrence), Shakespeare, or the trails for hiking throughout Great Britain, this is your weekend.

Please share your pictures of Lawrence during today's festival, and also your thoughts and pictures if you have made trips to Great Britain, things that you are currently studying about Britain, or if you are British--let us know what you like best about your country.

I must admit that I like many things about Great Britain very much, especially the people.

For students and people who do not know the national anthem of Great Britain, please see the following:

This would be a great project for students to write about over the summer - some aspect of British history.

I will be updating this blog throughout the next four days of the Jubilee.

I would also like to hear from students and residents of other countries, as well. As time permits, in the future I will also do a blog on other cultures and countries.

Please write in your comments, pictures and good experiences.