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The World Series Parade in San Francisco

John Zukowski photograph

John Zukowski photograph by Lawrence Morgan

World Series Parade today in San Francisco

The live video on this blog is over- it was fantastic, 4 hours worth. However, here is most of the parade in video replay. It is worth watching! For the Giants, it has been a happy day!

In case you missed it, here is the four hour parade and ceremony.

Here is the 2nd hour:

Then, the third hour is as follows::

And here is the last hour of today's World Series parade and ceremonies:

All of this thanks to ABC San Francisco, which broadcast the entire event live earlier today.

The World Series Parade is in San Francisco today. I'm sending photographs from The San Francisco Chronicle which I think you will enjoy before the parade starts.

People worked for days on these floats:

And many of the people had been here all night to get a good view:

The weather is not good (typical San Francisco!) but hope that I can get close enough to see some of the players.

Tonight I'll post photographs of the players, probably courtesy of The Chronicle, and I and thousands of others just hope it won't rain!

Well, I'm off to see if I can get a place to watch the parade and take some photographs!

The San Francisco Chronicle posted the following article, following the parade, with pictures: