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The Amazing Things Dogs Can Do - Part I

Liz Caldwell photograph

Liz Caldwell photograph by Lawrence Morgan

I love dogs, like many people - and often they are amazing

Dogs Learn to Drive

This article just came out in today's BBC news:

I astounded at what these dogs from New Zealand can do - in some ways, it is much more impressive than the driver-less car which google is working on.

Chinese Dog Understands Basic Math

And this dog from China--

is also astonishing.

Do you have a dog which is especially good at something? Please add a comment and, if you can, a photograph of your dog.

This includes fantastic ball catching in Kansas parks.

And... Dancing with Dogs

Dancing with dogs has caught on in Great Britain and other parts of the world. Why isn't there a teacher and class for Lawrence dogs? This would bring people from Kansas City, Topeka, all over the region...

This blog is definitely for kids as well as adults!