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St. Stupid’s Day and the Big Wheel are two events that Lawrence needs to participate in next year

SFAppeal photograph

SFAppeal photograph by Lawrence Morgan

These are two events that Lawrence can't miss next year

St. Stupid's Day Parade

St. Stupid's Day took place in San Francisco on April 1, 2013. I remember the first year I was in San Francisco. I was very poor, and I was sitting in a coffeehouse downtown, and all of a sudden St. Stupid's Parade passed the window. I couldn't believe what was passing by outside. I left my chair and went outside, and the parade was tremendous.

But when I got back inside to my chair, I found that my coat had gone, which I had just purchased the previous week - an unfortunate negative side to living in a large city.

But I've enjoyed the parade each year very much.

Can't you imagine what Lawrence could do with this parade, on April 1st of each year?

Take a look at the following pictures:

On Easter Sunday, there's also the Bring your Own Big Wheel race/demolition derby

There are more than 1500 contestants, dressed in everything from the Easter Bunny to astronauts. They all sit on plastic tricycles, or some version thereof, and head down the street past thousands of spectators. In San Francisco, Vermont Street on Potrero Hill is very steep. But the event would be just as much fun without the steep street.

These are two events that Lawrence absolutely needs to take part in!

sfgate photograph

sfgate photograph by Lawrence Morgan